News: AirMech Arena to be Released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

In welcome news, it seems we are to get AirMech Arena released on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this spring courtesy of Ubisoft. This is an update to the already released game on Xbox 360, with the PC original still going strong. A fair few months back, the developers hooked us up with […]

News: Gundam AGE-3 added to Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost Roster

Filling out the Gundam AGE roster slots this month in Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost comes Gundam AGE-3. Piloted by Kio Asemu, the 2500 cost AGE-3 has the usual mode-shift gimmicks found in the show and can switch from Normal to either its Fortress or Orbital armor for tactical variety. As of now, it seems […]

News: Wonder Festival 2015 Winter Coverage

Wonder Festival 2015 Winter has now come to end and it was a good one. Apart from the legion of amazing garage kit figures on show and on sale, the future commercial announcements were decent this time around. The mother of which being Fewture’s transformable EX Gohkin Garland (shown above) from the first Megazone 23. […]

Videos: New Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcasing Exploration and Scale

In today’s Nintendo Direct, a new video was released for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Aside from confirming it will be released in 2015, the video showcased the scale and variety of the explorable world of Mira where you can traverse it either by foot or by mecha.┬áIt also provided a bit more background as to why […]

News: Super Robot Wars Z 3 Tengoku-hen Announced

Following on from the excellent Jigoku-hen released earlier this year, Bandai Namco announced Super Robot Wars Z 3 Tengoku-hen to be released on both PS3 and Vita next April. To accompany this announcement we’ve also been graced with a nice long promo video (shown below). In it we see new series like Gargantia and Gunbuster […]