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News: Classic Armored Core now available on US PSN

Posted on : 25-03-2015 | By : | In : News

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So out of nowhere you can now buy the original PSone Armored Core on the US PSN store. Costing a very reasonable $5.99, it’s compatible with the PS3, PSP and Vita. Due to the way the Vita is setup you can also force the game to use dual analogue controls but we don’t recommend it. Simply because the camera isn’t at all set up to work with those controls and makes the game pretty much unplayable. That aside, this is a fantastic addition to PSN and we’re hoping that both Project Phantasma and Master of Arena will join the first game sometime soon. It would be nice to see the whole trilogy released on the European PSN too but that’s unlikely as the last two games never received a European version. As these games are already on the Japanese PSN we can vouch for them quite happily. Considering you can play this classic game on a modern HD display, as well as via a variety of portable devices, is pretty damn great. So definitely pick this up, as the game is still fun to play even today.


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More love for Armored Core!!

you Armored Core fan too

Off course I am!
Been fan since PS1 Armored Core.

Oh me too

Yes! While I was more into GUNGRIFFON, I still gave AC a lot of respect. Nice to know that it’s back.

Bout time. But also, if you have a PSP-GO or 3k with Component video out on a CRT that accepts 240p, and you set the display to interlaced. PS1 games will output in their original resolution on a CRT. Which aside from one strange issue on some of the sides of the screens. Looks perfect.

With a GO you can even use a DS3 and have full control.

Great way to play hard to find/expensive games at their best on a CRT.

That’s good news, While looking up Armored core at the US PSN site, to my surprise they have Cyber Sled.. .

If only there was a modern version of Cyber Sled…

Even a mod in Unreal for Cyber Sled would be a dream come true.

Actually, for someone who knew how to code, such wouldn’t be too hard.

Pity I both know jack, and my PC isn’t powerful enough.

I wish like hell they’d release it on PS4!

Happily, I can still shove my old PS1 disk and start playing.

Never found the exit from that stupid shaft at the end….

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