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News: What’s Next For Mecha Damashii?

Posted on : 24-02-2021 | By : | In : News


It’s been a long while since I did an update for the site. With various professional changes on my end, I wanted to follow up with how I feel the site will continue and to hear your feedback on the subject.

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Back when I started Mecha Damashii in 2009 there was precious little in the way of dedicated mecha gaming coverage. To be honest, that is still pretty much the case. However, I have since branched out and written for places like Forbes and, so the work I do is still happening just across a variety of places now.

So where does that leave this plucky little site?

Well, I intend to run it for the foreseeable future and sort out various backend updates. I will likely scale back in news and focus more on features and reviews, but we shall see.

The important thing here is that I haven’t forgotten about Mecha Damashii, as I am still actively managing its social media presence. I just need to figure out what best to cover in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

So I ask you, dear readers, what do you want this site to become and what aspects of mecha gaming do you want to see covered?

Leave your ideas in the comments below and I will see what I can do.


Comments (6)

This site has been one of the few lasting light houses when it comes to mecha coverage in the gaming industry. Your growth and expansion is inevitable, and you have already stated that you don’t intend to end this site. I feel this is little more I could ask for.

Do what’s best for you but don’t forget about this site and the people who know of it.

This site is basically mecha bible for me, learned so much from it.

Enjoyed both detailed revies and interesting articles/retrospectives.

I would only kindly ask, please don’t “modernize” website layout much. Thing is, 90% of modern websites aim at “mobile-first” ergonomics and not only becoming painful/dull to browse from desktop, but also almost always loose much needed functional and usability during process of change.

Considering myself a gamer and anime fan – I was extremely happy to find this site few years ago – It was great base of knowledge for great games on many different consoles — PS2 / PS3 / PS4 / PSP / PS Vita and many more. I admire mecha genre, all informartion You always provide – hope You can / will continue to do so in the future! Good fortune to You

It’s wonderful that you plan to keep running the site. Mecha genre outside of Gundam/Gunpla may be in decline, but i still find fascinating childish joy in this games and kits. And your site helps to keep that interest. It would be great to read more about any obscure old school junk like, for example, Armored Core resin kits from late nineties Bandai.

I’ll be honest, I really wish there was a new Armored Core game, and that it was on PC. At this point that’s all I wanna play.

New mech games have lost the feeling of Weight in their motion.

MechWarrior Online is all about jumping.
The Gundam Breaker series is dead.
Break Arts II is just a racing game…
M.A.S.S. Builder has no feeling of mass.
Vox Machinae is still kind of a mess.
Dual Gear shows promise as a classic Front Mission style game.
Project Nimbus didn’t feel intuitive.

I’m just waiting for that good news, that FromSoft is gonna release a new Mecha.

I would like to see special events/tournaments/casual streams/gameplay walkthroughs covered here.

Also, if it ever gets too stressful to handle and balance with your day job, would you consider having volunteers run the site or submit articles/reviews/editorial content?

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