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News: Another Life Sized Optimus Prime Appears

Posted on : 17-07-2010 | By : | In : News


In Japan they’ve got both a full sized Gundam and a full sized Tetsujin 28-go, plus coming soon a full sized EVA, or the head at least (more on that soon). Meanwhile China, one can find a full sized Optimus Prime.

The sculpture looks far closer to the Michael Bay version it’s modeled after than the Taiwan counterpart from earlier this year, though it’s still made of the same basic elements: spare car parts and other bits of junk. Coming in at 40 feet in height and 6 tons in weight, the Autobot’s commander in chief is the centerpiece of the newly opened Green Dream Park, located northwest of the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium, which hosted the Olympics in Beijing two years ago. The park features a wide variety of environmentally conscious objects, all utilizing recycled materials, to help encourage the nation to act and think green in a similar fashion.

Folks who actually dig the live action movie design will surely be impressed, while the rest of us will shrug out shoulders and state “eh, it’s alright… I guess?” And for those wondering why no one had yet to tackle the G1 version, it’s been done already, in China as well, but it didn’t turn out so hot…


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eh, it’s alright… I guess?

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