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Features: Top 10 Best Mecha Games Of All Time

Posted on : 17-03-2015 | By : | In : Features

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We’ve tried to avoid doing these kinds of lists over the years. Mainly because they end up being contentious and misinterpreted. That said it’s about time we got around to doing this. Especially as other places have attempted similar lists and ended up being laughably parochial and clearly ignorant with it.

Before we start, there are a few a disclaimers. “Best” in this context means that these games are obviously great fun to play but they also went on to influence other games as well as approached mecha gaming in a unique way. They might have even resolved design issues that had plagued other titles too.

The games listed are also not necessarily based on our reviews either, as some we have yet to even cover, but more how they have defined mecha gaming over the years. These are also games that we regard to be very well wrought, based on our years of experience from playing lots and lots of mecha games.

10. Gigantic Drive (PS2)


The successor to Remote Control Dandy, Gigantic Drive took the premise of controlling a mecha from the ground level up and made it even more compelling. Not least due to the inclusion of analogue controls for the arms. Based around an alien invasion, the player has to use an assortment of mecha to defend against an army of invading monsters. It was one of the best games Sandlot ever made and went on to influencing all manner of other games.

9. Assault Suits Valken (SNES)


One of the earlier Masaya games in the Assault Suits series, Valken followed on from Leynos on the MegaDrive (though narratively it pre-dates it). Like Leynos it was a horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up of a sort but far less restrictive and a lot more explosive, not only in terms of the weapons but also the breakneck pacing. While it was released as Cybernator abroad, that version was cut-down compared to the Japanese original. While we also like Metal Warriors quite a lot, without Valken that game would have likely never existed. Also avoid the PS2 remake, it’s thoroughly dire.

8. Omega Boost (PSone)


Developed by ex-Team Andromeda staff at Polyphony Digital, the developer behind the Gran Turismo driving games, Omega Boost did space based mecha combat brilliantly. Solving numerous technical design issues in terms of acquiring enemies in space, it was and still is a hugely important mecha game. While enemies came in waves and you tended to barrel down into scripted fights, the sense of freedom in terms of movement was and still is unparalleled. It also featured mecha design by Shoji Kawamori amongst other things.

7. Metal Wolf Chaos (Xbox)


This is one of those games where the premise eclipses an actually very good game. Despite the fact you are the President of the United States of America in a mecha suit of armor trying to take back your country after a coup d’Γ©tat, Metal Wolf Chaos is a thoroughly excellent game. Set at ground level, you have to work through levels to free your country with an obscenely large arsenal of weapons. Sadly it never saw a Western release but this is an, admittedly rather cheesy, mecha gaming classic.

6. Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 (PS2)


Since starting in the 90s, the Super Robot Wars games have had many iterations. Focused around turn based strategy with a huge roster of famous anime mecha, some regard F and F Final to be the defining games in the series. While they are very good we think Alpha 3 is far better. This is partly because of the impressive animations and the fantastic roster of units but more down to the balancing of the maps. As they were a perfectly pitched challenge for almost the entire game. There have been various games since as well that have been very good too but Alpha 3 is, for us anyway, the best in the series.

5. Gundam The Blue Destiny (Saturn)


The myth that all Gundam games are awful is simply untrue. The Blue Destiny games are probably the finest evidence of that. Set during the One Year War, the player is a grunt on the front-lines in a relatively underpowered mecha (initially at least). What made the game though was its shift to a claustrophobic first-person viewpoint. Especially as the pacing was incredibly fast, trying to keep tracking of enemies during a fight made for a uniquely tense experience and one that fantastically echoed the host anime as well.

4. Another Century’s Episode 2 (PS2)


Some people rate Konami’s Zone of the Enders games but they were always flawed in terms of implementation. The ranges were inherently disconnected. From Software solved this with their Another Century’s Episode games by creating a more restrictive analogue boost to link the ranges. The best of these games being the second, not only for its massive roster of playable units but also due to the size and overall scope of the game.

3. Steel Battalion (Xbox)


There’s a reason why no MechWarrior or Heavy Gear games are on this list and that reason is the original Steel Battalion. A hugely ambitious mecha simulator, it featured a massive and very complex controller to pilot your Vertical Tank. Battles were also incredibly tense as you only had one life for the whole game and if you didn’t eject in time then it was game over. It also had some truly fantastic and even ground-breaking mecha design by Junji Okubo. If you still want to play the definitive mecha simulator at home then Steel Battalion is simply the best game of its kind. Avoid the updated Xbox 360 version that uses Kinect though, it’s truly awful.

2. Armored Core 3 Silent Line (PS2)


While there have been a lot of Armored Core games over the years, only a few have been truly special. Games like Master of Arena and Verdict Day are indeed amazing but for us the best in the series is Silent Line. Mostly down to the improved customization, a new organic AI setup, a proper first-person cockpit view and some truly brilliant missions. It even had a fantastically good musical score too. As Armored Core has always squarely sat between the arcade and simulation tendencies in terms of design, Silent Line completely nailed that approach. Avoid the PSP release though, while it isn’t all that bad it is but a shadow of the PS2 original.

1. Virtual On (Arcade)


In many ways, there are lots of games on this list that wouldn’t exist without Virtual On. It’s just that important. Using a unique set of mechanics that linked ranged and melee attacks via fixed vectored dashes, it was and still is one of the most cogent mecha games every created. The first game is also the best as it afforded a more manual control of attacks, especially in melee. Playing this in the arcades against another skilled human opponent is probably one of the finest gaming experiences you can ever have.


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Great list! Very thoughtful. Serves as a good history of mecha games too. Also, good lord, that Gameranx list was awful! AWWWWFUL, I can’t believe how bad it was!

What list you talking about?

at least it told me about Terra Nova from Thief/System Shock devs

Holy shit yes, that game looks fucking rad. I wish it got the System Shock 1 treatment (aka ‘Portable’) I would love to play it with ease.

Ah well, DOSbox will have to do.

We need more people making decent or good Mecha games. Armored Core on PS1 is why I love Mecha Games. But sadly I haven’t only seen any good New Mecha games especially that aren’t Free to Play or Online-Only.

This current gen PS4/XB1, is getting off to a rather slow start in general, I fear since mecha games were already a niche, that theirs no chance the output will be like PS2/PS3. I mean heck, the PS2 got 3 ACE games, and the PS3 got 1, and the PS3 has been around for along….long time. The PSP made me think mecha games would find a new home on handhelds, but dedicated handhelds are on there way out it seems. At the moment I can’t see anything outside of AC for PS4 and the usual average or miss Gundam game.

I hoped that “mystical game announce by From” in October would be new mecha game; nope, that was just DX11/next gen version of Dark Souls 2 πŸ™

I expected it to be that or related to DS in some way, Dark Souls series is there biggest seller by some distance, even though I like the series, it annoys me how it blew up and over shadowed AC. Why can’t mecha games blow up like this? I’d expect From are busy working on Bloodborne 2 and DS3, I wonder where AC even fits in tbh.

I thought they have separate dev teams for “mech”, “dark fantasy”, etc. I may be wrong cause i look at mobygames credits of games and see that director of Enchanted Arms was lead graphic designer of Demon’s Souls, programmer of Echo Night Beyond was programmer of AC V, etc.

I’m not sure how big From are with staff, but I’d expect each team helps the other out in some way, a bit like you just found out. I know there are two teams for DS games. I’m not sure on how well the last AC sold, so that might be another reason why we haven’t heard anything, it’s not like Japan is big on home consoles anymore, that would obviously effect home grown titles. If no news comes by TGS, then AC PS4 is probably a long way off.

I can understand most entries on the list, I just don’t understand the exclusion of both Zone of the Enders 2 and any of the later entries to the Gundam Vs. series.

ACE > ZOE, Virtual On > Gundam Vs

It’s your list but Virtual On > Gundam Vs? No way. No. Way.The gameplay in EXVS and on is on a completely different level.
ACE > ZOE? In gameplay only. The universe and execution in ZOE2 beats ACE by so much it’s not even funny. I feel that ZOE scores a lot of points for crafting its own lore (succesfully) over just being a cross-over which is easy-pickings in Mecha, especially when you’re bandai/banpresto related.

ZOE2 is a rip off Layzner in terms of story. ACE2 contains Layzner. As for EXVS, it’s really great but a lot of it wouldn’t exist without the groundwork that Virtual On set down (same goes for ZOE actually). It is also a better and purer multiplayer game too, as the original game was just one-on-one.

I do love the EXVS games though and they are brilliantly made. I just think Virtual On is better in terms of the overall execution and game mechanics.

Layzner is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT story from ZOE2, except the themes of mankind moving into space, interstellar war and the hero taking one of the most powerful mechs to fight with to try to stop the bad guys. These themes are used in LOADS of stories, so it’s hardly copied.

ZOE2 is an absolute masterpiece of a mecha in its game mechanics etc and in many ways, pisses over the competition, even now. It isn’t perhaps THE best or perfect and it isn’t without some flaws etc, but it si a BEAUTIFUL game and DESERVES respect and recognition as one of THE BEST Mech Games of all time, as it always WILL BE.

Anyone that disagrees with that is a total idiot or has something against the game or it’s makers that makes their judgement unreliable.

ANYONE that looks at this list; PLAY Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner and I recommend the first ZOE as well as they are UNMISSABLE games for ALL Mecha fans that don’t have minds more closed than a rusted f**king vault door!

I also recommend Front Mission Evolved, another BRILLIANT psuedo anime style, story driven 3d mech game with a great battle system an a memorable plot and characters. Another that should be on ALL lists of the best mech games as AT LEAST an honorable mention, even if the list writer is heavily biased.

ZOE2 shares the same voice actor for Dingo with Eiji from Layzner. It’s set on Mars. Jehuty gives off a blue glow when it flies, like the Layzner’s V-MAX (converserly the Zakarl is paired with Anubis here). You also have a lot of similarities in character between Nohman and Ru Kain as well. The overall story of the hugely powerful and technologically advanced antagonists protected by a defector from their own forces in a stolen mecha is also identical to Layzner.

The ZOE games themselves have also performed poorly in terms of sales over the years and is the primary reason why we’ve had no further sequels.

As for Front Mission evolved, that’s not particularly good either –

“Omega Boost > Sega AM2 Macross” qualifies?)

ACE > AM2 Macross is probably better, as Omega Boost doesn’t feature transformation. I liked the AM2 game a lot though but ACE did everything so much better. In terms of pure Macross game implementation though, then Artdink’s games are probably a better fit (especially for the controls) but the combat is a lot more repetitive and restrictive. –

Front Mission 3.

Sprawling and interesting plot. Branching storyline based on a seemingly innocuous decision. Upgrades galore and special moves. One of the best mecha games ever.

Who cares if you aren’t directly piloting the mecha like a platformer or simulator? I got a better sense of doing so with FM3 than I did with most of the games on this list.

Strategy-wise SRW covers things but I do love FM3…

really ….? ZOE wasent on this list? is that a joke….

Well if you read it you would have found out why, ACE is better than ZOE –



It uses a lot of the game game mechanics and resolves the range problem that ZOE mostly fails at (Zero Shift is a really clumsy solution imo). The ZOE games also sold really poorly in their lifetime, something that was proven with the HD release that died at launch.

They hate the ZOE series on here, I knew before clicking it wouldn’t be on here and what would be number one, I find Virtual On over rated, but that’s me, I agree with the other guy that the Gundam vs games have finally surpassed it, regardless if it did the ground work or not. The lack of FM3 is puzzling, but even more puzzling is the lack of Border Break, then again the list of games are all old, that is a sign that mecha game design has been going backwards the last 8 years or so outside of a few titles (Gundam Vs :P), that doesn’t bold well for the future. Lucky we can play these old games over and over, it’s just sad we are getting less and worse designed games now.

I don’t hate ZOE I just don’t think it is amazing, for reasons regarding the disjointed game mechanics.

I also play Gundam VS in the arcades a lot in Tokyo and Virtual On is still better. They still have a large community around the game after all!

Border Break used to be really good but SEGA ruined it by getting greedy with the monetization. Sad really.

I don’t know, it seems like you take a pop at it whenever the chance comes along, the impression I get is that you dislike it very much. Apart from Steel Battalion, it is the best produced mecha series from top to bottom, does it get a 10 out of 10 for each part? Perhaps not, but as a fully fledged single player original mecha game, their ain’t nothing else like it and probably never will be again just like Steel Battalion. VO and even Gundam VS are just that, arcade fighting vs games, where the main draw is going up against other human players. That’s the first I’ve heard of VO still having a large community, I don’t see any evidence or presence of that online, I still see loads of Japanese players uploading videos of Gundam Vs, and that’s even including the older titles like the SEED Zaft games, and tournaments. Fair enough if there still is a scene for VO, but I know for sure the Gundam VS scene is much bigger and that’s because more people enjoy those games. I didn’t know SEGA monetized Border Break, but then again SEGA has always been run by fools, so we shouldn’t be surprised. If they have any sense they would release Border Break as a F2P on PC, I think there is a huge market there for the right mecha game, Mech Warrior Online and Hawken both dropped the ball. The next mecha game that comes on PC and gets it right is going to make a lot of money and last a long time, Border Break is ready to go, they’ve had some success with other stuff on Steam, but again this is SEGA so probably not going to happen.

The ACE games are far better than ZOE in terms of the singleplayer and the game mechanics actually work in regards to the ranges. In terms of production value and narrative coherence, it’s also a lot more cogent than ZOE.

I don’t have an issue with ZOE at all really, it’s an average series of games. They were kinda fun and I even quite enjoyed the Special Edition of Anubis. It’s just that a vocal minority of Western fans keep on telling me its the best game evaaaar. To which I am then forced to explain why I think otherwise.

The main problem with ZOE’s fans is that it’s very obvious that it was either the first mecha game they played or haven’t played much else, or both.

ZOE’s by no means bad but it is not great either. That’s all it is really.

Now for a game I fucking HATE to the core of my being, then play the 360 sequel to the original Steel Battalion! –

Average, but loved to death by it’s fans. I often see people getting orgasmic about ZoE. While people could look down at ACE like “nah, some mediocre licensed budget game from From”. Anyway, don’t ZoE have objectively higher regarded game setting and artstyle? I haven’t played myself so i m throwing questions. Yet i heard OST of Anubis and it was awesome. I forgive too many games when they have oosum music, eh.

The problem with that is that the games never really sold and the remasters died at release. If ZOE had such a sizeable fanbase then we’d have a lot more games in the series. Also most ZOE fans I know have never player any of the ACE games.

ZOE’s mecha design is groundbreaking, as I have always said actually, but the games are all flawed as a whole.

I guess we will have to agree we disagree, I don’t think ZOE is average at all, the same way you have ZOE fans telling you it’s the best mecha game ever, is how I feel about VO fans, I played it and wasn’t that impressed, of course it’s good, above average, but theirs other mecha games I like over it. ACE games are class, but they’re fan games, so if you haven’t watched x,y,z anime you wont have a clue about what characters and mecha suits that show up, as theirs almost zero character development, I don’t find it anywhere near as cogent as ZOE. Steel Battalion 2 or whatever it was called, was a complete and utter waste of time, I wish the budget had gone on an HD remake of Metal Wolf Chaos instead.

I am coming from a dev standpoint though, as I make games for a living. So I look at games from a functional point of view. ZOE has a lot of very core problems with its game mechanics, which I have talked about a lot over the years. VO doesn’t.

You also need to play VO in the arcades against good people. Playing the “singelplayer” is rather pointless really.

Maybe that also depends on circles you’re in? I see ZoE fans very often on most gaming-related resources, which i can’t say about VO.

I think in the US the ZOE games have more visibility than a lot of other series. Konami pushed the marketing for those games quite heavily at release there.

So for some people it is the only mecha game they know.

And for some it’s either MechWarrior 2/3/4 or PS1’s AC

Yeah but I had to base it on all the games out there, not just the ones that are more widely known about.

That’s what i liked in this list. Metal Wolf Chaos, Gigantic Drive, Blue Destiny, (not mentioned but) Bulk Slash etc often hide under radar. Thanks for mentioning and talking about stuff that time wanna hide.

Yeah, you might find some VO fans on some SEGA related fan site etc, but that’s about it really. Like most SEGA franchises, they’re dead and forgotten and only remembered by old timers.

Well I am in Japan and people still play VO in the arcades. Almost no-one talks about ZOE though.

It’s an old single player game on PS2, I bet theirs lots of PS2 games people don’t talk about in Japan. VO is in arcades, people still play KOF98 or SF Alpha 3 in arcades and talk about it, of course they would, there still competitive games.

Not really, people still rave about the PS2 Front Mission games here, among many others. ZOE just never cut it with the fans here, mainly because there was so much else that was better and readily available. The remastered versions also died on their ass here too, which was a bit sad to see actually.

or guys like me who tries study obscure and not so games i missed

Ha I know what you mean, I still check out gems I’ve missed. Usually through lack of western release at the time, although it’s easier to get hold of stuff these days, compared to back then.

not sure if i really agree i mean the old games kina neat but I dont think it holds up to stuff like Zoe or any of the AC games

I guess it depends on the person, as it sounds like the old RE tank controls problem certain people have (not me) For example Blue Destiny, it took me awhile to get over how things controlled, but once I did it was bliss and I liked it as much as the original Hawken build, which is the only modern mecha game that I can compare it with really.

The lack of Xenogears here makes my heart hurt.

That’s more of an RPG with mechs than a mech game.

Pretty surprised you didn’t add any Front Mission titles in even with their grounded, sprawling political narratives putting them a head of most titles. Questionable list is questionable.

It was either FM or SRW, I think SRW (as series of games) has more meat to it. The FM narrative is great though but I care about the game mechanics more.

Interesting, thanks for posting this. Shame it seems the 360/PS3 era wasn’t such a good time for mecha games.

It was a good era but most of the influential games occurred before it.

Nice list. Could i aski you why you don’t count at all “western school”? Is it separate genre from “mecha”?

And sorry but putting Steel Batallion is not an excuse ><

please, explain your overall position (BattleTech, MechWarrior, EarthSiege, Heavy Gear, etc). I like this site but that moment always questioned me.

I like the MechWarrior and Heavy Gear games quite a bit, used to do BattleTech RPGs back in the day too. Both of those series took heavy inspiration from Japanese works though. So I just went back to the source after that.

Hm, thanks for reply. And while i cought you here, i wanted to ask what you think about X-Bomber/Star Fleet tv series? And if there were other marionette/doll movies festuring mecha

I think X-Bomber is the only one and I love it. The Go Nagai designs are great!

Must agree not an excuse! Mecwarrior 4 was awesome as was Mech warrior 2 mercenaries!

I played a lot of MW over the years. For a home mecha simulator Steel Battalion is just better.

but what about impact and legacy?

It is his list after all. It is kinda silly to argue about it. I think we should post our lists in protest.

I still think Steel Battalion is more important in terms of mecha simulation. It’s so much more technical and comprehensive compared to MW.

He’s got a point. Mechwarrior came first, did more, and was more ambitious than Steel Battalion, ridiculous controller or not.

That’s the BattleTech arcade simulator though! I played it back in the day and it was great.

As for coming first, much of the core mecha design was lifted from Macross and Dougram plus the original Steel Battalion is still the best home based mecha simulator out there.

I demand Steel Battalion receive an asterisk for being the best HOME mech simulator.

I already diiiiiiid!! πŸ˜€

“If you still want to play the definitive mecha simulator at home then Steel Battalion is simply the best game of its kind.”

Metal Wolf Chaos can I pirate this game yet?!?!

I bought it at launch in Japan, still got my copy too!

Ug so angry no US release of this game! At least the youtube videos are entertaining.

A US president fighting suicide bomber marines post 9/11? It was never coming out.

Heard it was to do with the use of the Presidential Seal for the “official” reason it never got released in the US. Reckon there was more to it than that though.

Surrrrrrrrre From Software, suuuuuuuuuure.

Actually that was Microsoft’s excuse.

Shadow Tower Abyss is imho one of their best games yet it never came officially to us/eu.

I’m angry how OG Xbox has ton of exclusives (many from jap devs) no one cares about. Maybe we should blame that “system sellers” (halo, kotor and fable) were ported from there.

Heresy. Silent Line is better than Virtual On!!!

My top ten mech games list:
10.Zone of the Enders
09.Zone of the Enders
08.Zone of the Enders
07.Zone of the Enders
06.Zone of the Enders
05.Zone of the Enders
04.Zone of the Enders
03.Zone of the Enders
02.Zone of the Enders
01.Zone of the Enders 2


Hey, you have forgotten :
– Front Mission (T-rpg series)
– Front Mission Gunhazard (the best 2D mech game ever done)

Valken is better than Gunhazard though. Between SRW and FM, I also chose SRW.

About MechWarrior, the title says everything : it’s Mech (west style), not Mecha (east style).

And… Steel Battalion rules them all : it’s plausible mecha. It feels real. The controller is sick. It’s itself a real incredible dev story at Capcom. The accomplishment.

So it wasn’t just my theory that “mech” and “mecha” are really a division, huh? Anyway with Batallion it feels like cheating coz of fear you won’t have a chance to ever had it.

It’s not a list by hemisphere.

And now let’s mention tragedy of Chromehounds πŸ™

Why isn’t Omega Boost on PSN?

Could be a rights issue maybe?

no gundam vs games

Virtual On > Gundam VS

How’s Gundam Side Story 0079 for the Dreamcast?

I got a Xbox 360 can I play Metal Wolf Chaos and Steel Battalion on it, They sound good.

There was no old/new gen games (PS3, Xbox 360, PS4) on this list.
You must think mech games are becoming worse.

SRW W is the best SRW game.

Dunno about 360 compatibility but there were lots of cool mecha games on 360 and PS3. You should check out Armored Core Verdict Day. I prefer SRWJ for the portable games actually.

Two thoughts:
I’d love to play ACE, but what’s the best way to go about doing that in the US? Do I mod my ancient PS2? Do I buy a Japanese PS2 just to play, what, two games?

The real glaring omission from this list is not ZOE or Front Mission 3 or Mechwarrior, no, the real travesty is that there is no BAKURETSU MUTEKI BANGAI-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

And Ranger-X!

Ex Ranza is covered off by Valken. Was tempted to add Bangai-O but with only 10 slots, Valken seemed more important.

As for playing ACE, I have a Japanese PS2 though I played the 3rd game on my Japanese 60GB PS3. Always the best way really.

You put Valken cause “also went on to influence other games”, otherwise Leynos 2 or Ex Ranza would be superior, right?

No, not necessarily. Leynos 2 was actually worse then Valken. Ex Ranza was about the same but Valken did it first.

These guys only hate ZOE because they absolutely sucked at it. Seriously you read their review? They had no idea how to play it. Yet the concept was simple and easy to learn.

I personally felt ZOE was superbly fluid. Everything else about this lost seems good though. I’ll have to agree with VO being overrated. But I’ll admit it is fun.

That’s your argumentative gambit? That I can’t play the game properly. Really? You do realise there are videos in the review that show me playing the game and I break down how the mechanics (don’t) work? In any case, much of the criticism I levelled at the ZOE games has been echoed by much of the Japanese community, the same community that didn’t buy the remasters either I should add.

Though I am not saying the games are bad, just average.

I’m sorry, but ZoE2 is not just one of the best mecha games, it’s one of the best action games in general. The controls are intuitive, it feels great to play, and the mechanics all work in tandem to create a unique and satisfying experience that give the player a lot of options in how they choose to tackle each scenario. You claim the mechanics don’t work, I say that is insanity. It’s one of the few action games I can think of where every single function you have has an intended use and a reason for it to exist. There’s little to no fluff, yet there are multiple different ways to approach the same situation.

I know it didn’t sell well. It’s pretty common for high speed, skill based action games to not sell well. It’s like a niche within a niche. If you look at it as an action game first, it sold just compared to its peers. Including the HD remaster. Personally, I don’t care what the Japanese community says about the game. If everyone hated it, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a very well made game.

It’s cool though. Different strokes for different folks. This isn’t the first time an action game gets misunderstood and someone thinks the mechanics are broken. Just look at IGN’s God Hand review.

I don’t just say the mechanics don’t work, I even explained why too! –

They are not bad games though, just average.

I’d still mention that ZoE 2’s soundtrack is 10/10 for me, though i’m also HUUUUUUUUUGEEEEE fan of From Software games music, and i don’t really count what Motoi Sakuraba did for Souls, nope, i’m about Kota Hoshino, Tsukasa Saito and others.

Bulk Slash is kinda cool yeah but wanted to cover all the games and not just the ones people may know about.

Yet the FM series is dead, especially if we are talking about the tactical games, how come none of those came back but they at least tried with ZOE. Yes it failed, and it is sad, because theirs no chance to improve on anything and get better games. Mecha games will just become AC and licensed rubbish.

Don’t forget kickstarter stuff

FM only ever did well in Japan and after the Eidos merger with Sqaure Enix, those kinds of games were put on the back burner. ZOE is different as it never really sold and the remasters died at release too.

FM didn’t come back because FM5 was supposed to be the end of the franchise. It also didn’t help that it’s internal development team was scattered to the four winds of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, culminating with SE handing the franchise over to Double Helix back when “westernization” was the word on every developers list to boost Japanese presence in the world market circa mid-2000s.

Don’t remember, was that fault of Sony or Agetec

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