News: Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost Announced for PlayStation 3

Looks like we’ll be finally getting the home version of Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost for the PS3 in 2014. Not much information has come out quite yet, but there have been a few tidbits that have caught the eye. Aside from mentioning there will be 20 new units on the way (meaning more than […]

News: Virtual On Memorial Event

There’s a rather interesting Virtual On Memorial Event being held online this Saturday. It will feature various exhibitions of the various games (basically top players kicking the shit out of each other for your entertainment). As well as talking head type segments with various people to do with the series (though Juro Watari appears to […]

News: Gundam Game Announced for PlayStation 4

An untitled Gundam game has been announced at the recent SCEJA PS4/Vita conference. A short teaser trailer was shown with small clips of Gundam games released for previous PlayStation consoles leading up to a CG RX-78-2 Gundam staring into the screen, then presented with the tentative title dubbed “Mobile Suit Gundam”. More than likely this […]

News: Super Robot Wars Operation Extend Fourth Episode Released

The fourth episode for Super Robot Wars Operation Extend is now out. If you’ve already bought the combined pack then you can download it for free, otherwise you’ll pay 1000 yen. This update features Shin Getter Robo and the promo video below also shows a nice homage to the Dunbine OVA, as it features (very […]

News: Upcoming Namco Arcade Board to Run New Gundam Versus Sequel

Looks like next-gen arcade hardware is looming in the near future as Namco is supposedly creating a new arcade board to house its upcoming games, such as the sequel to the Gundam Versus series. Dubbed the “System 478”, the hardware is rumored to be based off of PS4 tech, similar to how the System 357 […]

News: Galak-Z Gameplay from PAX 2013

Indie developer 17bit is very much hitting the nostalgia buttons with their upcoming game 2D sidescrolling shoot-em-up, Galak-Z: The Dimensional. Coming to the PS4 and PC in 2014, the Macross/Gundam/Space Battleship Yamato-inspired game has the player controlling a lone spaceship (which reminds me a bit of Hikaru Ichijo’s FanJet) against a horde of enemies, including […]

News: Super Robot Wars OG Infinite Battle Announced

In a somewhat worrying move, Banpresto have announced Super Robot Wars OG Infinite Battle. This will be an arena based action game in a similar vein to that of Gundam Extreme Versus, except that this won’t be made by Byking. Instead, this is an in-house affair and the last time Banpresto tried to do an […]