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News: Gundam Game Announced for PlayStation 4

Posted on : 09-09-2013 | By : | In : News




An untitled Gundam game has been announced at the recent SCEJA PS4/Vita conference. A short teaser trailer was shown with small clips of Gundam games released for previous PlayStation consoles leading up to a CG RX-78-2 Gundam staring into the screen, then presented with the tentative title dubbed “Mobile Suit Gundam”. More than likely this game will once again revisit the One Year War. No gameplay specifics were mentioned, my guess is that it will either be something akin to Battlefield Record 0081 for the PS3 or possibly the sequel to Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost. We will update you as soon as more information is released.


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Hope it’s a more tradition TPS or something along the lines of Gundam Battle.

Why go with Gundam gameplay types that have been done over and over again ? (0081/VS)

Let’s get more REAL on this. Really enhance the immersiveness with the PS4’s power and going with the cock-pit only style that you saw on the DC Sidestory game ( I loved that )

Let’s make it gritty, with perma-death for your squad members that you’d build up and start to get attached to ala the new Xcom.

High-weapon damage as seen in the show, with the beam rifle of course the supreme weapon.
It could even have it’s flaws (to make it even gameplay wise) such as misfires (it is just new tech after all) which could be negated by researching into the rifle .

Add (better) locational damage that is 2014 worthy where you can slice or shoot off literally everything . Crossfire/Target in sight tried to do it (and it certainly was a challenge finishing a mission with only 1 arm and no head) and allot better Physics (BO was a step in the right direction, having to worry about the consequence of motion and being hit during it)

Would be cool if Zaku’s could still stand up to a Gundam with their heat hawk’s and slice it’s shield up or cut a large chunk once it’s hit. Or seeing a Zaku getting absolutely blown to bits by one well placed beam rifle shot.

I can only hope 🙂

But i guess instead of the above, we’ll just get the same game-type we’ve had before (either a new VS or a new 0081) with slightly better mechanics and slightly better graphics. This is Japan after all. The land of tiny incremental game-updates over the progression of a huge series (Armored core? Ace Combat?)

Perma death is dumb because 90% of players will just reload a save rather than lose a fully trained and kited out soldier and also promotes nameless mooks over actual characters you can get attached to by virtue of them actually being people instead of replacable pawns.

Beam Rifles never misfire.

Location based damage would require highly aggressive and mobile enemies or players will just snipe out their arms and Bamco has always had trouble with good AI.

If anything the Zaku would die horribly given the Gundam’s are could withstand Heat based weapons to a certian degree while the Beam Saber was consistently lethal.

“The land of tiny incremental game-updates over the progression of a huge series (Armored core? Ace Combat?)”
Uh-huh? You didn’t know what happened when they tried to veer away from such behavior aren’t you?

I think 0081 is a pretty big update over the PS2 line or rather… Target in Sight…

Ontop of that, this’ll be a UC game since a new VS is in the works for arcade and the timeline only showed UC-centric games.

I really hope this game is more traditional aka (has fun story mode) like PS1/2 games.

Would love to see strategy/arcade title similar to the old NES Gundam SD games only with a fog of war element.

Not that it will ever happen.

Historically, the first Gundam games released for each new console have always been mediocre (Scad Hammers) or downright shitty (Target in Sight). I don’t expect this to be an exception. As usual, the games will improve in a few years once devs get more familiar with the hardware.

OMG fuck!!!

you make me to buy PS4.

Lets hope its a good game, but I’m not holding much hope for its first new console release. I would like a sort of simulation approach, where you play as Amuro, not Gundam, and live on the White Base and progress the story through pilot interactions and such as well as mobile suit battles. But I am not sure Bamco is so willing to invest that much time or effort into such a product…

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