Videos: Gundam Versus Adds Pale Rider, Gundam Guison Rebake, G-Self Perfect Pack and More As Upcoming DLC Units

Hot on the heels of Update 1.03 launching later this week, Bandai Namco have recently provided the latest set of playable Gundam Versus DLC units that will arrive in August. We’ll see the following five units enter the fray: Pale Rider, Gundam Guison Rebake, G-Self Perfect Pack, Bound Doc, and Perfect Strike Gundam. The first […]

News: Bandai Namco Announce Gundam Versus Open Beta in North America & Pre-Order Bonuses

From the 2017 San Diego Comic Con Gundam Fighting Games Panel, Bandai Namco announced North American players (and probably Europe) will get to try out the Gundam Versus Open Beta on top of announcing pre-order bonuses prior to the September 29th release date. While there isn’t that much info on what the Open Beta entails […]

Videos: Gundam Versus Update 1.03 Adds Ranked Battles, Extra Trial Missions, And A New Survival Mode

Set to release on July 27, the next update for Gundam Versus will add ranked battles, extra trial missions, and a boss survival mode. In typical ranked battle fashion, you team up with another player online to take on the rest of the world to climb the Gundam Versus ranking ladder. You can also request […]

Videos: Gundam Versus Releasing in North America on September 29, Gundam Virtue Added To Roster

At Anime Expo in Los Angeles this weekend, the Gundam Versus team announced the game will be releasing in North America on September 29, 2017. For those of you who have a bit more patience than myself, this is only three months after the Japanese release on July 6. We can assume we won’t see […]

News: Bandai Namco To Sponsor Gundam Versus Tournament At EVO 2017

As we get closer to the Japanese release of Gundam Versus on July 6, Bandai Namco have announced they’ll be sponsoring an official Gundam Versus side tournament with AnimEVO at EVO 2017. As you may know, Gundam Versus is set to launch in North American and European territories later this fall. What better way to […]

Videos: New 14 Minute Gundam Versus PV Showcases All Playable Units

Bandai Namco have released a 14-minute video showcasing all non-DLC playable units in Gundam Versus. From new additions such as Slave Wraith and Nemo to series veterans such as Zeta and Sazabi, the video provides quick snippets of the roster available out of the box. No new surprises as well as no footage of Hot […]

Videos: New Gundam Versus PV Showcases Gameplay Modes, Barbatos Lupus as First DLC Unit, Trial Version in June

Bandai Namco have released a new video showcasing the upcoming game modes in Gundam Versus. Check out the highlighted modes below: Free Battle – Set your battle parameters and play against the CPU to practice your skills. Essentially the Gundam Versus training room like previous versions. Trial Battle – Tackle multiple routes based on Gundam […]

News: Gundam Versus Roster Adds Hi-Nu, Slave Wraith, Gelgoog HM, Guntank and Many More

As we get closer to the July 6th Japanese/SEA release of Gundam Versus, the latest Famitsu issue reveals 11 new units to the roster! Headlining the update includes the Hi-Nu Gundam from Char’s Counterattack: Beltorchika’s Children and the RX-79[G] Slave Wraith and Gelgoog HM from the PS3 title Gundam Side Stories. Both Side Stories units […]

Videos: Gundam Versus Officially Announced for North America and Europe

Looks like the West will finally have another home console VS game on the way with Bandai Namco’s announcement of Gundam Versus coming to North America and Europe this Fall. Bandai Namco are also holding a contest where you can vote for the upcoming cover among the following four choices: RX-78/Barbatos, Unicorn/Nu, Exia/Full Armor Gundam, […]