Videos: Gundam Versus Update 1.03 Adds Ranked Battles, Extra Trial Missions, And A New Survival Mode

Set to release on July 27, the next update for Gundam Versus will add ranked battles, extra trial missions, and a boss survival mode. In typical ranked battle fashion, you team up with another player online to take on the rest of the world to climb the Gundam Versus ranking ladder. You can also request what team cost partner you’re looking for, aside from holding a spot for an invited friend in the Team Hold option.

In Trial Mode and Ultimate Battle, new missions and a boss survival has now been added respectively. Interestingly, the extra battles that occur in between the survival waves will also be updated. There will also be special extra battles that allow you to use DLC units for free for a limited time! And similar to the arcade versions of the EXVS series, new trial mode missions will feature upcoming DLC units as enemies as well.

Another thing to note is that there will be some balance changes to suits, strikers, and stages as well. Check out the update video below and let us know what you think!

[spoiler show=”Watch Video”]

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