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Toys: Full Armor Gundam Unicorn Announced

Posted on : 01-05-2010 | By : | In : News



Hot on the heels of the recent 1/100 scale Metal Composite Gundam Unicorn (which we’ve reviewed), Bandai have announced that they’re releasing the Full Armor variant shown at the end of the novels. This new toy will be part of the Gundam Fix Next Generation line (or GFFN for short) and as such be at the smaller scale of 1/144, rather than the Metal Composite’s 1/100. There’s also no word on whether this toy will complete the transformation between Unicorn and Destroy modes but we’re guessing not on account of the smaller scale and lower price point.

To the more eagle eyed of you, the fact that the internal psycho frame is green rather than pink may have raised an eyebrow. This colour shift is to do with events that also occurred in Char’s Counterattack, where two psychoframe mobile suits (the Nu Gundam and Sazabi) were in close proximity with one another resulting in a form of Newtype resonance. In the Unicorn novels, this resonance is kicked off when the Banshee enters the fray – which is basically a more powerful clone of the Unicorn.

As for the “full armor” nature of this suit, that is somewhat questionable. As FA mobile suit variants are normally, as the title implies, covered in an extra layer of bespoke armor. Not to mention having custom weapons attached on hardpoints as well. To give a good example of this, take a look at the FA-78-1 and the original RX-78-2 Gundam. You can see, despite the colour changes, that the suit has been pretty heavily re-worked. In the case of the FA Unicorn, well all it’s using are standard weapons and parts and just strapping them onto the main body. In any case, this toy will be available in August for 8400 yen and you can practically guarantee that it will make an appearance in the upcoming Gundam Extreme Versus.


Comments (5)

It definitely looks more like a Unicorn Gundam Heavy Weapons Type than a Full Armor, for sure.

I’ve always felt like I was cheated out of a Full Armor Double Zeta Gundam, because the Double Zeta actually gets a Full Armor upgrade at the very end of the show. There needs to be a Fuller Armor Full Armor ZZ Gundam.

I never understood why people like all that garbage on there.
It looks so gaudy and over loaded.

It especially bugs me with the Unicron, where it’s such an elegant suit.

You answer your question with your own question: some people (like myself) like to see overloaded, inelegant mecha every once in a while, and the Full Armor series is a kind of “what if” look at what Gundams would be like if they weren’t designed to be as sleek as a giant robot can get away with being. Some people like how Corvettes look, and some people like tanks.

I constantly spell out “Gundam Unicron” as well; I think it’s a subconscious urge to see a Gundam eat a planet myself. Not even G Gundam really approached the large scales that Super Robot series have reached, especially with the more recent stuff, I guess I type that word out because I really do want to see Gundam Unicron Versus Gundambuster: Shocking Superscalar Fight! Next Episode: Amuro Ray Dies In Lava!

No, I get that. But I’m talking about how amazingly awful all that weaponry looks.

I know I’m talking about already impractical machines, but…
When I see all that kibble. i just think “how the hell…. that would be shot down in an instant”

There are heavy weapons(ala heavy arms) and then there’s over kill (this “Unicron”)

I uh… meant Unicorn. Not the planet eating Unicron.

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