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News: Online Petition To Merge Armored Core V’s Servers

Posted on : 05-04-2012 | By : | In : News

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Frustrated with Armored Core V’s regional server structure, one person has taken it upon himself to create an open petition to Bandai Namco; to merge the North American, European and Australian servers into one large server. You can find the petition here.

It’s no secret that Armored Core has never exactly been big outside of Japan. Sure, we few mecha gaming fans have played and loved them for years but the general population has, for the most part, skimmed over the franchise. So to start off with the player base is small but to then make it smaller yet, by braking the online players up from region to region, is a bit of a kick in the side. They meant well though. They just wanted to decrease server lag for us, which is a nice thought.

If the servers were to merge, we would have a great many more opportunities for territory matches, the online would feel more alive and I think all around more robust (albeit perhaps slightly laggier). While I’m not sure if Bandai Namco will listen to the pleas made by this petition, I do believe that at the very least, Bamco will take notice, and think about what the players want. Besides the petition’s stated goal, many people hope that it will bring with it the patches required to bring the game inline with its Japanese counterpart, which would be a very welcome thing indeed.


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It would be great to be able to play with the US and UK Mecha Damashii all at once. Funny though, it seems like a lot of MMO’s end up merging servers when the fan base shrinks anyways.
It would be nice if you could just set the region to ‘other’ and see all EU/AUS/US players and teams. I suppose by choosing that you would be implying that you didn’t care about lag or other issues they are trying to avoid with these localized servers.
I’m sure From may say ‘well, just buy a copy for the region you want to play in.’
I would be really interested to see what this looks like from From’s standpoint.

Already signed!

I just got AC5 a couple of days ago, and I gotta say I’m pretty impatient that just about MOST of these conquest missions die off in the briefing lobby. Screams of inactivity to me, but maybe I need to see how the weekends play out.

I welcome hectic all out war to this platform. I’m signing it in hopes that it would broaden a game that’s supposed to be broad anyway.

No, no. There’s lots of people. The problem is, that there’s no clear way to initiate those conquest matches efficiently, in game.

I suggest heading over to the Gamefaqs board for ACV on your console of choice. A lot of people there organizing such battles and compiling names of team leaders, so that players can more easily arrange them.

Though it might not do any good, I’ve signed anyway in hope that the servers will be merged. Monster Hunter Tri’s servers were brought closer together due to a lack of activity so hopefully something will be done about Armored Core V’s servers.

I wont sign this because Japan is not included. Good luck!

merge the servers how can we get them to merge the servers ?where do we go who do we complain to ?

I have to say, I’ve seen some jap players at this and they are scary good. Undecided if adding the Jap servers too would be a good thing, but the UK and US need to share, they share the same base language and the player base for both is rather small. Why the hell not?

With the US and UK player bases being rather small from what I can tell, they deffinatly need to merge and adding AUS too can’t be a bad thing.

Having seen a player in JAP got at it first had I have to say I’m a little scared of the prospect of those guys on the same servers. Besides, from what I’m hearing their player base is still quite large.

On the whole, merging the less active servers will never be a bad thing in my book. Better to have the occasional laggy game, than hardly any games at all.

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