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News: Gundam Extreme Versus Force Trademark Registered In Japan

Posted on : 15-06-2015 | By : | In : News

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According to Esuteru, Bandai Namco have registered the trademark to “Gundam Extreme VS – Force” in Japan. As it has been awhile since we’ve heard any news regarding a new version of the Gundam Versus franchise, this appears to solidify the next sequel will still be carrying the Extreme moniker. Whether or not this will imply no paradigm shift in the gameplay mechanics is still up in the air, but it is great to know that they are working on a new version. Does this mean we’ll be hearing about a Maxi Boost console version soon as well? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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sooooo…who’s buying the FB dlc now that we know MB is pretty much official for Xmas2015/January 2016 ?

How do you know that?

Takes 6month top to make a build of the game…itll Have the same engine otherwise they would have changed the extreme vs part of the name… Also japanese players are saying g in reconguista is gonnabe the new series, just like Age was for maxiboost… source? I read japanese, and im notstupid

I only have PS3 and XB360 for now. I hope you’re right about the game’s coming to console. Hopefully it’ll come to PS3 too. Btw, since Bamco still use the Gundam Extreme title, do you think its just gonna be an improve version of Maxi Boost??

That’s what I’ve been waiting for. I was going to get a ps3 for full boost, but I knew MB would be dropping soon, I can wait another 6 months. Force would have to be the last in this line though.

How does full force sound? Lol thats pushing it but i feel force is a word that inspires sequels….maxi force….over force..

Full Force sounds like an 80’s Chuck Norris movie lol, so probably not a good title for a Gundam game 😀

cause you think maxi boost doesn’t sound like and 80’s Chuck norris movie? dude, it’s japan, force is already a dumb name, at this point full force and maxi force sound just as legit

Is Maxi Boost a truly improved sequel over Full Boost? I’ll probably get it all the same whenever it comes out, but I know I am not quite as excited for it as I was for Full Boost. I think only about 3 new units really interest me this time.

I’m pretty sure the console version will be getting even more extra Mobile Suits.

More MS is cool, but what about gameplay as well? I know Maxi has the drive system. I guess I need to read up on it to see how much it changes gameplay. Also, are there new stages? I know many of the stages are even bigger then FB’s, which is cool.

I don’t think the gameplay has changed that much, that might be happening with Force instead. I’m sure the guys here will review it, MB that is, so we will get all the new juicy details then.

I see. Like I said, I will buy it regardless, but it would be nice for more gameplay changes. I do really want to play as 00 Seven Swords, Shining Gundam, and Tallgeese II. Can’t wait for that!

For me, I really wanted to play as Seven Swords, Zabanya and Age Gundam 🙂

Which AGE? I personally like AGE 2 best, but AGE 3 has a an excellent design (not to crazy about its pilot though…). Kinda wish we could get AGE 2 Dark Hound. More Pirate Gundams please!

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