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News: Gundam Epyon added to Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost

Posted on : 19-10-2013 | By : | In : News, Videos

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On October 22nd, Gundam Epyon will join the current roster of Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost. Teased during the TGS 2013 show when promoting the upcoming PS3 version of the game, Gundam Epyon returns from its last appearance in Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus. Obviously boasting its melee attack style, its patented heat whip and mobile armor mode are all intact in this new iteration. This will be a nice addition to the current roster which can always use more melee mobile suits. Check out the teaser vid for Epyon below!




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So where the Talgeese focuses on ranged attacks the Epyon is close quarters.

Great to see Epyon! Melee suits are absolutely terrifying. It looks like this one doesn’t have a single projectile attack, which could make zoning tricky. His speed and defense will probably make up for it I’m sure.

Melee is the one area of this game I would tweak. All too often close range combat feels more random than deliberate. You know a system is kind of broken when the best advice is to avoid it at all costs.

Agree completely. One reason I still like GvG Next Plus a little better is because it has better melee combat, or at least less complete dominance by ranged fighting. They tried to balance melee by making it risky, but they ended up making it too risky.

That’s not true, the whole point of the rainbow cancel is that it allows to reduce the risk of melee and make it more accessible. It works really well too and it’s a lot more free compared to rigid system in the previous games.

I don’t know about the rainbow cancel being accessible. I find it to be quite the opposite. It’s very spammable and often feels random as opposed to strategic. I haven’t played the previous entries so for all I know it could be a vast improvement but in my experience melee in extreme versus isn’t a lot of fun. I avoid it whenever I can and curse loudly when I can’t. Especially against something like master gundam or full cloth.

If yo retain enough boost it allows you to evade incoming attacks beautifully. Anyway, the trick with melee is to get your ranges right. Nail one ranged shot that momentarily stuns an enemy and then initiate a melee attack. So you can still pin people down if you know how.

It’s definitely not random, the direction and timing at which you use it at means A LOT in close combat.

Heck, you can use melee in mid-air, miss, rainbow step backwards, land safely away while shooting the enemy. That’s deliberate and not random.

Huh, well I guess I could stop avoiding melee and try to practice rainbow dashing but in my experience it’s more frustrating than fun. The amount of time you have to make these kind of directional decisions simply isn’t enough. Maybe if they slowed it down a bit? Or shrunk the homing range of that first melee strike?

At this point you’re playing vs. mostly very good players hence the feeling of frustration. Keep at it, it’s really not the game’s fault, heck at a certain point you’ll be wishing you were faster.

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