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Videos: Gundam PlayStation 4 Teaser Released

Posted on : 01-09-2014 | By : | In : Videos




At the recent pre-TGS Sony Conference, another short teaser trailer of the unnamed Gundam game for the PS4 was shown. Aside from the titular RX-78-02, more series-lead Gundams appeared such as Unicorn, God, Turn A, 00 Gundam, Wing, Full Armor ZZ, and many more. Here’s to hoping we’ll see more about this game during TGS 2014, but at the very least we now have a tentative 2015 release date. Until more info drops, feast your eyes on the teaser from the show.


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Comments (13)

I hope we get a good piloting experience with this game and what happened with the Gundam game from the ps3 doe snot repeat.

but there’s like 10 different Gundam games on PS3

I mean the first one, the one about the One Year War which was a launch title.

Would be nice to see a next gen Gundam Battle game.

The first Gundam game for any new generation is usually a stinker and I don’t predict this one being an exception unless it’s a VS game. Journey to Jaburo or Crossfire anyone? Also I like how the initial reveal was a short pre-rendered video and the second teaser was much the same. This stuff excited in 2001, not so much in 2014.

Definitely not a Versus Game. Maxi Boost hasn’t even been in arcades for an entire year yet. And this is clearly a different game.

Plus this one has been in development sinec before Maxi Boost came out.

Eh… suits from multiple universes in one game… that does not bode well at all. Crossover games are rarely good games, and never good gundam games.

But… Gundam Breaker…. SD Gundam G Gen… Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost (The most profitable arcade game in Japan)… the Super Robot Wars series…

Would love to see a title that mixes the original SD series with VS.

Only the mechs are deformed…

A good game isn’t necessarily a good /gundam/ game.

The VS games, for example, are terrible gundam games, but fantastic arena fighters.

I was hoping they would focus on one series again so we could get something like Zeonic Front or Side Story 0079.

Is this announcement even needed? Every system for the past 20 years has had “unnamed Gundam game” announced for it. Nobody actually thought Bandai had passed on the PS4, right?

Yeah. I guess the teaser was just to remind us that it’s in development or something. I don’t think they are announcing anything for it at TGS.

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