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News: Just A Bit More Solatorobo

Posted on : 21-08-2010 | By : | In : News



4gamer continues the cavalcade of Solatorobo screenshots and art, this time covering more of the game’s main city and more of the main robot, Dahak’s different forms. The Type S, for instance, looks suitably hot-blooded in its promotional art (pictured) for the brawler the screenshots show it to be, and I can’t not love the robot form where both arms become shields. The red form with the stretchy, birdlike arms uses them not only for picking up objects and throwing them but also for grabbing missiles and redirecting them back at their launchers mid-flight, which is probably both physically impossible and totally badass.

The different forms of the Dahak seem to fit well into Solatorobo’s game design, which has thus far shown a propensity towards experimentation with different game concepts. We know that there are both 2D and 3D platforming stages, some of which are also played on foot at times, but we’ve also seen a fishing for battleships minigame, 3D flight areas, and revealed in this new batch of screenshots, a 3D flight racing game (which seems to have different mechanics from the other 3D flight areas).

Fitting into all this talk of different robotic forms and different stages is the reveal that the Dahak seems to also be customizable with a set of chips laid into a gridlike pattern; it looks like there is the possibility for a little bit of fine-tuning the Dahak as well, if a bunch of awesome junkmech forms and a technorgasmic transformation leave you wanting more.


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That looks really cool! It looks like a robot I drew once, with out color. (:

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