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News: Solarobo seen translated…in French

Posted on : 07-07-2010 | By : | In : News



French site Nintendo-Master has apparently seen Tail Concerto‘s spiritual successor, Solarobo, translated into French. There doesn’t seem to be any official announcement, but seeing a game currently unreleased in Japan already in another language means someone at Bandai-Namco is planning a localization. Whether the French translation means a European or a North American release is hard to say at this point.

As noted above, the game is a spiritual successor to Tail Concerto, a PS1 platforming game starring a dog-cop in a mecha, who captured criminal cat pirates in bubbles. Cute game about talking animals or crypto-allegory about the political and literal machinery of racism? (probably the former) Anyway, the PS1 original was refreshing in its time for its colorful look and relaxing feel back when most video games were exploring darker themes and, with the upgraded graphics capabilities of the Nintendo DS, Solarobo is not only continuing in that tradition but is extending it. By creating a colorful, almost waterpainted game in a time where video games consist entirely of palettes of browns.

The same YouTube user who uploaded a few videos of the game last time we talked about Solarobo has again graciously shared with the Internet a few more vids, illustrating the game in action. As we noted last time, Solarobo’s camera perspective changes depending on what kind of stage the character is currently in, taking a behind-the-back view during the larger 3D stages, and a wide angle shot for smaller rooms that depend more on sidescrolling and platforming. A lot of games try to keep the game’s perspective constant even when the game’s needs could better be served by a different angle, which either makes certain stretches of a game awkward or limits the possibilities of the game’s creators. Solarobo definitely seems to be playing with possibilities; here’s the game’s (apparently VTOL) mecha taking flight between floating islands with some of the best mecha booster-flares ever, here it is in one of the more exciting mine cart scenes that are apparently mandated by international law, and then there’s, uh, this “fishing for a battleship” scene. It’s good to see that when mecha games finally get their own fishing minigames, the fish are scaled up to the capabilities of the mecha.

Website DSHyper also has their own impressions, which includes a good summary of what we know of the story and part of an interview with someone from CyberConnect2, the team that is developing the game.


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This game really looks more impressive every time I see it. I get a Mega Man Legends feeling from its world and visuals, but the mine carts and camera work recall Climax games (particularly Dark Savior, which is a plus to me).

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