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News: Front Mission Evolved, MGS: Peace Walker Cross-Promotion

Posted on : 13-07-2010 | By : | In : News

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SiliconEra has an interview with Shinji Hashimoto, producer of Front Mission Evolved, teasing some sort of cross-promotion with Hideo Kojima and his PlayStation Portable game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

This cross-promotion seems to be in addition to an already announced cross-promotion between the two games, where items unlocked in Peace Walker will be available in Front Mission Evolved, and/or vice versa. Considering the very different nature of the two games’ mecha, I’m wondering how this will actually work; if it’s robot-to-robot part swapping it could look awkward, albeit possibly interesting. The mecha in Peace Walker are heavy tank-like walkers and reworked versions of Metal Gear Solid 3’s Shagohod, while Front Mission Evolved’s mecha conform more to the Real Robot standard of quick-moving humanoid weapons, equipped with thrusters and ground rollers.

I wouldn’t mind the big secret being a face-off against the venerable Metal Gear REX from the original Metal Gear Solid. I’ve been waiting years to go mano-a-mano (well, mecha-to-mecha) against that monster without support from an insane cyborg ninja. Getting help from an insane cyborg ninja always felt like cheating.


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It would be more feasible for the cross-platform items to be hand-held weapons. I.E there’s quite a few rocket launchers and other heavy weaponry for snake to unlock in Peace walker . . . and guess what you can do in Front mission evolved; get out of your mech and run around like a soldier with hand-held weapons including a rocket launcher (shown in some screenshots here and there)

Oh, and the “feature” to get out of your mech and still duke it out gives me such pleasant memories back to the SNES era playing Metal Warriors 2-player deathmatch 🙂

Oh man! Metal Warriors!
I played that to death, but I could never get past Prometheus’ stage.
I loved playing man against man with my younger brother. Just ditch the mechs and run and gun, haha.

They already confirmed that you can’t get out of the wanzer; the on-foot portions are separate missions.

Aw really? That blows. *sigh* oh well. It’s no secret that I have next to zero expectations for FM:E.
But the unlocks between this and peace walker are kinda cool, as I already own peace walker.
Which might actually end up being a better mecha game in the end =/

I have to say that the REX/RAY fight in MGS4 was one of the greatest mecha experiences I can recall. I wouldn’t mind if they spun that off into its very own game.

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