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News: Armored Core 5 Update

Posted on : 02-02-2011 | By : | In : News, Videos

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In the latest issue of Famitsu more details about Armored Core 5 have surfaced. From the news that Bandai Namco will be publishing this worldwide to the increased focus on online multiplayer, it seems that From Software have been quite busy. Regarding online play, the game will be based around players forming teams and undertaking a form of territorial conquest, with whoever taking the most territory winning. Teams are of 5 players a piece, with 4 in traditional Armored Cores and the fifth in a new command unit. If all this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. This setup was used very successfully in From Software’s other mecha game Chrome Hounds. With the reduced size of the mecha the levels consequently require more strategy too, which is where the whole commander setup comes in. For those concerned about the absence of a singleplayer segment, there will be an option for this but the main online campaign is intended to be an almost meta-campaign. Again, this is a follow on from the Neroimus War concept seen in Chrome Hounds. What with this new information regarding the online setup, as well as the previous nods by From Software to games like Metal Wolf Chaos, it really seems as though they are cherry picking design elements from their previous games and merging them with how Armored Core used to traditionally work. All of this is clearly brilliant and Armored Core 5 could turn out to be something genuinely special. The game is set for a 2011 release in Japan but no actual dates as yet.

Update: Famitsu now has some screenshots on their site. These show the commander view as well a front end war menu, so it is indeed very Chrome Hounds (as we suspected). Bandai Namco have also mentioned the fact that Armored Core 5 will be released in 2012 for Europe and America (rather than this year as was previously stated).


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So, this means Bandai-Namco is gonna be the fourth company to localize an AC game for the US? In any case, I’m quite excited about this release, since I’ve never hated an Armored Core game. I am wondering how much time it will take for newer players to start doing relatively well online, though, since AC has always been known for its steep learning curve.

I’m excited for the online component, since I missed out on the multiplayer in Chrome Hounds, but I really do hope that the single-player experience remains substantial–for me, that’s what Armored Core is really about. I’m not going to lie: I’ll have fun playing the multiplayer, but getting continuously trashed by expert Japanese players is something I’m dreading. (My current plan: hide behind Cacophanus’ AC at all times, and fire vertical launch missiles to make it look like I’m helping.)

Funny how AC5 is turning out to be the game I hoped Front Mission Evolved would have been. If they add a Horde-style mode to the game this might turn out to be the best mecha game to date.

Great news! You’ve made my day 😀

LOL, I was thinking the same about the strategy 😛

It would be nice a horde mode, specially if you can do it with your team. I’m just wondering about how the lag problem will be. We all know (Armored Core players) that this have been a very common problem with the online on this franchisse because of the speed.

Another point is how teams will be formed, maybe by squads like ChromeHounds. I think it would be nice if we could make a Mecha Damashii’s Squad, right?

Toll, you can be my wingman anytime.

I just wonder what the command unit will be like.Will it be something powerful or will it need to hang back?Also, I don’t like horde mode.

Well, if this AC game is really following the ChromeHounds formula, it might be a mid/heavy weight AC with very powerfull radar and comunication specs and low firepower. And why you wont like a horde mode? I don’t want to argue with you, I just want to know the reason and see your view point 😛

I understand that it’s a nice way to hang with your bros. and I applaud it for that but the fact that horde mode (and most of copy cat modes other games have) never ends leads it to be,in my eyes, Sisyphean and as such a waste of time.I’d prefer a mode that I could clearly win or lose, not one where the only way to truly “win” is not to play.I don’t think that they’ll add it since this “war” seems to be the main attraction but if they do I won’t complain.I just wonder what will happen to the servers when the next Call of Duty comes out….

If andriasang is correct the command unit doesn’t actually take part in the battle.

New announcement trailer.;title;1

From the small amount of gameplay shown (look to the mid-left during the beginning of the trailer) it seems that they in fact have slowed things down a bit.

Whoa! Thanks bro!
It seems to be a pretty good game, but we’ll have to wait to see more “/
At the end in the trailer… That crushed AC is very familiar to me, I think it’s an AC from AC:SL or one from the PS2 games, don’t you think so?

I’m more interested in that siege weapon that was causing so much damage in the trailer.I wonder if you can purchase that as a defensive weapon for your territory.That core does seem familiar though.

Thanks for the video link. I’ve added it to the update.

It does not look like the commander will be in combat during an operation.

Below is an image of the Operator/Commander’s view.

Never really liked the AC series, but if they’re changing things around it might be interesting, although Im put off already about this focus on…online play, thats exactly why I hated LP2, by all means have multiplayer in there, but give me something for single player, I dont have any friends into mech games which means I would be joining up with random bums to play and that just aint no fun, and often the players tend to be of the rude kind.

There is a single player mode. How different it will be from multiplayer remains to be seen.

The square focus on multiplayer is, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, thing to happen to the series.

The melding of seemingly pre AC4 gameplay with chromehounds’ team based tactics does sound alluring to me, yet it’s a combination that can easily turn tragic in my opinion if neither component is thoroughly realised.

I loved Chromehounds, but that enjoyment was heavily based upon the calibre of the team I was able to work with and our overall teamwork. Alone, especially during the singleplayer mode; Chromehounds was a chore and a glorified tutorial for each of the roles within the game. ACV really needs to ensure that there’s a decent amount of quality content for its offline mode.

Whereas with the old AC games, what really turned me onto them were their depth of parts and parameters that needed to be utilised and managed intelligently to be successful. But, because multiplayer wasn’t as emphasised as it is in the latest games the balance of a lot of parts were out of wack (it’s still the case in 4 and 4FA but there’s been a genuine effort to combat this in my opinion).

With regards to the aesthetics, the new ACs already harken back to the older games; they’re incredibly wide/bulky and even remind me of the HOUNDs of Chromehounds in that they really look like mobile weapon platforms rather than the sleeker mecha seen in the latest ACs.

I’m going to withhold judgement until we receive more info, I’m just glad the project is still going ahead but I don’t know if I can wait another year to get my mecha fix.

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