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Videos: Latest Peace Walker Video Reveals What Might Be The First True Metal Gear

Posted on : 07-04-2010 | By : | In : Videos



The internet is currently abuzz over all the details that were disclosed at yesterday’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker event, like the appearance of creatures from the Monster Hunter series, or the wacky in-game product tie-ins, including Doritos, Pepsi, and AXE body spray. For those interested in learning more, Google will service those needs quite nicely, but let’s focus on the latest trailer, which highlights the new cast, and also features the three heavy machinery that the action will revolve around. I’m talking about the AI units, two of which we’ve already covered due to their apparent connection to the mecha in Snake Eater.

But near the very end, we also get a quick glimpse of something that can only be described as a real deal Metal Gear, since it fulfills one of the core criteria, that being a bipedal tank. Up till this point, the first unit to actually stand on two legs was from the very first title, the TX-55. And the Metal Gear before that, from the game that immediately precedes Peace Walker (timeline-wise), Portable Ops, is the RAXA, which had four legs. Hence why this latest mecha might be, in fact, the first true Metal Gear. Then again, it could be revealed that it has zero nuclear capabilities, another important criteria. In that case, it can only be viewed as a Metal Gear successor, which is still significant nonetheless.

As for what it’s called, apparently it’s the Basilisk. At least according to the documentation that accompanies the shot of the Square Enix Play Arts toy, which was also revealed at the same event, from above. Try and see if you can spot the mystery machine:


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One word can describe this: SWEET!!

Hopefully the game will be worth it, but one has to trust Kojima and crew.

In the “Tactical Espionage Operations” trailer, there’s also a hint of a Metal Gear Rex-style Metal Gear your Mother Base can assemble if you collect the parts necessary for it. They never fully show it off intentionally but the legs are dead ringer for Rex’s design. Also the trailer hints at how the Mother Base and the MSF needs to become a nuclear power to remain independent, hinting at the development of Metal Gear further.

Also, if you check the Konami youtube channel, they have all the Japanese trailers in English or with English subtitles. You can get a sense of who these new characters are too if you see who their voice actors are and how they relate to prior roles in the Metal Gear series.

the basilisk looks like its got two more legs folded up on the front of it.
and it also appears to have two of those cylynders that the others have(its on the back next to the sphere- go here to see it-

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