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Videos: Gundam Extreme VS Force Now Available in the US and EU

Posted on : 15-07-2016 | By : | In : Videos




While it wasn’t what most EXVS fans in the West were expecting, the long wait has finally ended as the English-localized Gundam Extreme VS Force released in the US and EU on July 12th for the Playstation Vita. Right out the gate, you’ll also get access to all the recent game updates that have been released in Japan that include new single player modes and brand new units. Make sure you check your updates list on your Vita before playing as the updates do not come pre-installed. Interestingly, the OST appears to be rather intact as the non-vocal versions of the respective Gundam shows still exist, unlike previous Gundam games that have been localized with generic soundtracks. Hopefully this will be well received in the West and will be the first to come in many more Gundam game localizations. Until then, check out the launch trailer below!

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Well, I bought this and I have to say that I still don’t get this series. What exactly is the appeal? It’s in arcades which you’d think would imply a big Versus element but that mode is as antiseptic as early Virtua Fighter. The mission mode is basically two extremely boring original characters yammering on forever about nothing whatsoever and taking you though dozens of missions that are nearly identical, with many of those people the “chase this guy around and try like hell to blow him up before the timer expires”. And what’s worse is that I vaguely recall thinking the exact same thing about a PSP version of this game I played ages ago.

It’s not that it’s garbage or anything, I’m just trying to figure out what the draw is. Frankly I don’t see anything here Gundam Breaker doesn’t do a much better job of. Mainly I’m just waiting for things to load.

This is not as good as the arcade versions, especially as it drops the EX Gauge. The game are built around intense and fast paced versus and the EX Gauge allows players to turn the tables on their opponents in a tight spot.

This game was built around the mission mode entirely and has lost much of what makes the arcade games special.

Did you play the PS3 ports at all?

Thanks a shame to hear. Previous GundamVS entries had some fun campaign modes with some good battles (Primarily speaking of FedVSZeon and ZetaVSGundam). I was hoping this game could maybe hearken back to that but I suppose it can’t even live up to what the series did 10 years ago…

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