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Videos: Gundam Battle Operation Promo

Posted on : 15-03-2012 | By : | In : Videos



Not long after the game’s announcement, Gundam Battle Operation has received its very first promo video (shown below). It comprises entirely of in-game footage, from mobile suits doing combat rolls (no, really) to teeny people taking down said mobile suits with a variety of weaponry. Some of the animation looks pretty fluid in places but this game really reminds us of the very ill-fated Gundam Operation Troy on 360. Admittedly, the development was outsourced on that but the attempt to effectively turn Gundam into a Battlefield game didn’t really work out. Likewise, this looks to be a similar setup in places but we hope it will work out a bit better this time. That aside, the engine and tech do look more and more from Gundam Senki 0081 though and this is definitely a good thing, as that already had a pretty solid multiplayer infrastructure. There are also some nice screemshots of the game over at Famitsu too.




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Let’s hope for the best!
Besides, they HAVE to make the gameplay work, seeing how it’s free you can’t entrap us with gameplay trailers when we’re not paying just to get the taste of it.

Well, very few freemium games get that right and in fact the majority I’ve played have been utterly awful. Hopefully, they’re building on a solid base (as in Gundam Senki 0081) in this case.

Which freemium games have you played?

Battlefield Heroes, League of Legends and Crimson Alliance. Visually they’re polished, sure but the core games have to be subsidised by very cynical paid add-ons.

It’s one of the faults of the business model really and one that I’m not happy to do. In any case, I’m not the only one that has doubts about this approach either:

All three of those as you stated have some pretty terrible premium content but the concept isn’t entirely corrupt.It’s one things to say “you can’t have _____ until you give me five dollars” and its another to say “you can’t have blank until you have 1000 gold,credits, whatever or you give me 5 dollars”.As long as the content is reachable through in game means and WITHOUT A PAINFUL GRIND then the system works.I would keep an eye on Dust 514,Planetside 2, and Mechwarrior Online.They might change your mind.

Totally, my mind is open for changing but thus far the setup in most freemium games has been pretty damn woeful!

Hmm I don’t know what to think, it looks ok, but as mentioned I get an Operation Troy feel from it, which is not good, plus it seemed like it had frame issues in that vid or maybe the video is just choppy I don’t know.

Got to say I’m interested in Hawken.

Yeah, I think Hawken’s approach is more focused though and it’s basically recreating a really enclosed version of Unreal Tournament (which is no surprise considering the tech they’re using). Operation Troy tried to be too many games at once and it just fell apart. Hopefully this will fare a bit better maybe.

Yes, but this has Gundams.

So did Operation Troy.

I can’t weigh my judgement on a game I haven’t played (Troy, not Battle Operation, though I haven’t played that one either).

Well, Operation Troy wanted to be Battlefield but it couldn’t even handle being a Gundam game with its anemic effects and rag dolling mobile suits.It might have worked if they focused more one simulating the experience of piloting a mobile suit beyond a pretty nice cockpit view and actually took ques from their inspiration when it came to map design.Despite the inept flopping around of the Japanese players its pretty clear that when played this will pretty much be our Senjou No Kizuna if not better due to the new cover and grapple systems.

More interested in Hawken I mean.

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this looks like a complete mess gameplay wise. I mean wow.

lol what?

Then BF3’s gameplay is a total mess?

They can pull this off if the Freemium units/weapons are balanced.

You all sight 0081 but it’s DLC made PvP the stupidest thing unless the room was regulated, along those lines I think this game will do great, as the gameplay looks like the most varied and polished Gundam game ever.

Paid content does not equal buyable weapons,lets all keep that in mind.

may not*

Varied and polished? It looks incredibly sloppy and questionable. Units are floating around, firing haphazardly and randomly bumping into each other. The environments even look terrible. What looks polished at all about this? There may be variation but mobile suit gameplay and on-foot gameplay look equally half baked.

Not sure about the BF3 commentary, have never played it.

Gundam do tend to fly and the japanese are skilled at shooters in general…While the animations due seems a little over the top (mobile suits doing dive rolls) it certainly looks polished mechanically speaking.Its got potential.

It looks a lot like Gundam Senki and if there was one thing that game wasn’t, it would be sloppy.

The mecha (mostly) do but the people don’t. This is what shafted Operation Troy; making the level design work across two hugely disparate scales of play. I think that’s what radrappy means, it looks pretty cluttered in those videos and the animation is pretty odd too. I’ve signed up for the closed beta anyway, so hopefully it will play better than Operation Troy did.

Hope to see you out there on the battlefield, I signed up as well.

I thought the trailer looked surprisingly clunky, but then I saw the Gundam deliver a chokeslam to a Zeon mobile suit. If there’s anything that can make me look past a game’s faults, it’s that.

Half of my hype is the wrestling move of the Gundam.

It kinda reminds me of Earth Defense Force in a way. I’m not really sure if that’s good or bad though.

Looks great. I despise lock on targetting systems so any manual aim Gundam games are right up my alley

This would be REALLY COOOOOLLL if I was able to play this on PC here in America.

I’ve downloaded demos from the Japanese PSN before, but can anyone confirm if it’s possible to get an entire free-to-play game like this? It took forever for SD Capsule Fighter to get released in English, and I’d rather not have to wait again.

Who said it was going to be in English?

Spoilers: It’s not.

It looks fun.

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