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Kits: Crest CR-C98E2 Announced

Posted on : 15-04-2010 | By : | In : Toys/Kits, Videos

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For the Armored Core inclined, this is quite an important kit. If only for the fact that it defined and adorned the original Armored Core 3 Silent Line’s box cover – a game we rate as being the best Armored Core game of all time (something the recent PSP port really fails to live up to). Not only did this design equip the lethal Karasawa laser rifle but also the highly controversial stealth extensions (which were banned in all Japanese tournaments in case you were wondering). Despite sharing the same core as the updated Nineball, this is an all new kit. Like with all the Kotobukiya kits, all the parts are interchangeable from other mecha in the same range and the sculpt is superlatively good as well. This kit is out in August and will be charged at the very reasonable price of 4,725 yen. Here’s the original game’s opening and it features the above design quite prominently too.


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Heh. All these years, I always thought the head on Silent Line’s cover was the AI-controlled MT?/AC? that shows up in a few missions, and is affectionately known by fans by the moniker “Big White.”

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