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Toys: Revoltech Jehuty with Vector Cannon

Posted on : 30-07-2012 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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Following on from our previous Revoltech Jehuty and Revoltech Jehuty (Anubis Version) reviews, our good friends at HobbyLink Japan have sent us the Revoltech Jehuty with Vector Cannon. This being the special super weapon of sorts that Jehuty acquires towards the end of Anubis. Due to the fact it already uses the base Jehuty figure, we’ve only covered the new Vector Cannon elements. In addition, we’ve also included some game footage at the end of the review.

Once the recent Zone of the Enders trickle of merchandise started, it’s not been long at all until we’ve been caught up in a veritable flood of figures. Not that we’re complaining but there’s a lot to choose from now for the discerning Yoji Shinkawa fan.

For starters the box this comes in is pretty damn big and it weighs almost twice that of the previous figure. This all makes very obvious sense when you see the size of the new Vector Cannon add-on.

The base figure for Jehuty is nigh-on identical to the previous release and it comes with essentially the same peripherals (bar the HUD ring and missiles). The main party piece though is the suitably huge Vector Cannon at the rear. This attaches at the base of the figure and at the rear where the thrusters are normally placed. Unlike the base figure, the Vector Cannon lacks the patented Revoltech joints and is also made of stronger ABS plastic. The Vector Cannon also has a cool lever gimmick, that allows you to lower or raise the cannon.

As weapons go, the Vector Cannon is definitely the most unwieldy in such a fast paced game as Anubis. It is though obviously the most potent and necessary to defeat certain enemies as well as being a crucial part of the game’s overall narrative. The fact that we now have yet another Jehuty figure with this is definitely testament to Konami’s marketing push for the release of the HD remixes later this year.

Toy: Revoltech Jehuty with Vector Cannon
Price: 3,794 yen
Size/Weight: 21.5 x 21.5 x 16.2 cm / 550g

As you can see, the sculpt and detailing are very sharp. As with all Revoltechs the base figure has excellent articulation and the stand can allow for some great poses too. However, the Vector Cannon is very much a static add-on by comparison. With it only being able to be posed in a raised or lowered position. This somewhat limits the overall posing options but that’s somewhat of a moot point, as the Vector Cannon itself is wonderfully imposing anyway.

Overall then, this is probably the best Jehuty figure to get as the base figure is the same as the standalone release and it also comes with the massive Vector Cannon. The price is very reasonable too and if you’re a fan of the games or just adore Shinkawa’s designs, like we do, then this is a very worthwhile purchase.

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