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News: Zone of the Enders 3DS hinted at

Posted on : 16-08-2011 | By : | In : News



In a recent tweet by Hideo Kojima, he says “Found this at Omori-kun’s desk. What’s this?” and then links to the above picture. Despite the Revoltech Jehuty in the foreground, the text in the background does intimate that a 3DS Zone of the Enders game could be on the cards. As for who Omori-kun is, it’s more likely to be the developer that worked on a large number of Kojima’s games, rather than the animator who shares the same name. Either way, this is interesting news and makes more sense from a development cost point of view considering the limited popularity of the series. In that securing the large investment to fund a full blown 360 or PS3 game without the ability to guarantee a decent return, based on the prior sales of the games in the series, means that a 3DS port could be more viable in terms of the initial funding required.


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Wow! Might actually have to buy a 3DS even in this iphone market (which sadly could kill portable gaming as we know it).

What does it mean? No more ZOE3 for ps3/360??

ZOE3 on PS3 wasn’t likely from the beginning, with portable being the way that Kojima took the MGS series. I’d be very happy to have another ZOE game, regardless of system, though I’m still at a loss where they would go story-wise. Kinda thought the second game mostly wrapped up Jehuty’s story, but maybe “Fist of Mars” or “Dolores, i” could be some jumping off point.

It’ll be a remake/port as every other game on the 3DS so far is.

I would hope whatever they make gets ported to the psv as well…

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