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News: Wing Gundam Zero added to Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost

Posted on : 25-11-2012 | By : | In : News



Looks like Heero Yuy is the latest pilot in Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost to have two units in the game. The TV version of Wing Gundam Zero is the next playable mobile suit to be unlocked in December as a 3000 cost unit.  The last time we saw a playable Wing Zero in the Gundam Versus series was in Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus.  It will be interesting to see what new tricks are added to Heero’s new suit considering Wing Zero Custom has taken some of its moves from the Next Plus iteration of Wing Zero.

New bosses such as Big Zam and a new form of Extreme Gundam and the Sanc Kingdom map will also be included in the game’s next update.


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Hey, we got Wing Zero, so maybe we can get Epyon now too!

The remainder of the roster has also been leaked with confirmation images. They are:

Gold Frame
Gerbera Tetra
Rozen Zulu
Strike Custom
Age 1

Pretty exciting stuff!

Also, there are a couple other rumored units, most notably the Superior Gundam or Ex-S Gundam from Sentinel (the leaked image includes the word “ALICE” in gold capital levels, which seems like evidence to me)

Talking of Gaia, I always hold out that one day we’ll get Gaia Gear in a game –

You know, I have no idea why Gaia Gear hasn’t even shown up in G Generation yet. I mean, I know why they haven’t put G-Saviour in, but I’d honestly like to see them both in the GGen series since they’re both Gundam stories and all.

i wonder how the G-armour will work!

Glad to see TV Version back in. Hopefully it still has its crazy buster rifles, but with a better (or at least cooler lokking) melee set. Its moves looked so silly in GvGNext.

Where is this image of which you speak?

lol G Armor.

G Armor. Nice.

I’m happy about Gaia, I loved it in Fed vs Zaft 2. I was surprised that Gold Frame and X3 weren’t in, so that’s remedied. Kapool we knew, and Age was expected. Arios, Gerbera Tetra and Rozen Zulu are all nice surprises. I know nothing about Strike Custom, but it looks cool.

There’s some more suits I would love to be in, but I would still be perfectly happy if these were the last additions.

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