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News: Super Robot Wars Z 2 Screenshots

Posted on : 28-01-2011 | By : | In : News



The upcoming Super Robot Wars Z 2 is looking sweeter and sweeter with each succulent release of assets. 4Gamer has a selection of lovely shots from the game and it’s impressive how pristine they are, even over the PS2 original. Our attention, naturally, fixated itself upon the wondrous Final Dancouga. Although it partially bodes for a rather depressing situation; in that Final Dancouga is normally a secret version of the beastly super robot in SRW. The fact it’s so prominent already belies the fact that Dancouga’s narrative may be somewhat cursory in light of the far newer, though arguably crappier, Dancouga Nova. Thankfully, Ryoma’s screenshots redeem this situation with their pure unbridled awesomeness. The game is still set for it’s April 14th release and you can pre-order it here (or here if you’re in Europe).


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I just want a PV already!

All I can think is: that guy’s portrait sure reminds me of M.D. Geist.

Have you seen the artist’s rendering of Yoshiyuki Tomino in Kidou Senshi Gundam-san?

That was the first thing that came to mind before I realized that the guy in the portrait isn’t actually bald.

Um, Cacophanus? All those screenshots (and even more) are there on the official site.

That’s why the official site was linked as well. That said, 4Gamer’s page layout is normally easier to access than Banpresto’s approach to flash based sites (especially if you’re outside Japan).

Yeah, Banpresto’s site is garbage. They still use those tiny asx videos that ever stream properly.

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