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News: Super Robot Wars Z 2 Hakai-Hen Now On PSN

Posted on : 08-03-2012 | By : | In : News

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What with the next installment around the corner, Banpresto have released the first Super Robot Wars Z 2 Hakai-hen on PSN. This not only means you’ll be able to play it on your PSP but also on your PS Vita (pictured above). The latter means it will have some very shiny upscaling on the handheld’s new screen. Despite the 7,330 yen price tag, the game is totally worth it. We bought a Japanese Vita last year when it was released and we love it, though the lack of PSone classics in the store seems like a huge oversight. Anyway, Saisei-hen is almost here and playing Hakai-hen again seems like a really good idea. Don’t forget you can pre-order Saisei-hen here.


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Dang. That price SUUUUCKS for a year old download-only game. A used copy is, what, 3000円?

How much of a pain in the ass is Sony about getting your downloads again when your system gets dunked in a river or a new model comes out? These days Apple and Nintendo are really good about this, but I don’t know what Sony’s methods are. Can you just log into any machine with your PSN account and re-download the stuff?

Since I have a busted PSP, I figured I’d get a Vita instead, but no SRW Z was a dealbreaker. Seems like that’s been removed 🙂

Yow , it’s seven thousand yen , and in today’s current market a Y 1,000 PSN Store card is going for
$20 USD . So this game comes up at $140.00 USD , so it’s basicaly $70 , but cost US PSN import fans double that. I love Super Robot Wars, just bought the DLC Store vers. of SRW Alpha Taisen , which is epic , Evas , Giant RObo (key reason to buy it for me) , GunBuster, and DanCougar , plus all the Shogun Warriors and Gundams . That purchase took me $35 , but I get a portable and PS3 version to use .

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