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News: Super Robot Wars Z 2 Announced

Posted on : 05-01-2011 | By : | In : News



In the latest issue of Famitsu, Banpresto have announced a sequel to the successful PS2 game Super Robot Wars Z (a game we liked quite a bit too in case you’re wondering). Entitled “Super Robot Wars Z II: Hakai-Hen” the game will be exclusively released on the PSP on April 14th. Naturally, the big part to these announcements is the introduction of new mecha series to the fold. Well, SRWZ2 doesn’t look to disappoint as it not only includes the likes of Gurren Lagann but also VOTOMS too. So both ends of the mecha spectrum, super and real, have been thoroughly catered for it seems. Interestingly, this will be the first of two games with this entry covering the first half or season for the respective series (with the second game to cover the latter half). Apparently the game has also been in production since March 2009, so at least Banpresto have properly invested their time into this one. The new game will also feature Dancougar again, so we’re naturally pretty happy about that. The full list of series are linked below.

Update: Famitsu has updated their site with some coverage of the game and the official site has also been launched too.


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As much as I would have loved them to announce a PS3 SRW, I’m pleased with this. Just the inclusion of Gurren Lagann alone would make this a day one purchase for me!

Also, Dancougar again? Good Times 😀

Not enough UC Gundam.

Oh come on, Z and CCA are good enough, that’s a lot more than what the DS guys received… oh wait, we never got ANY UC Gundams on DS!

It’s a shame really.I’m afraid UC will be eventually phased out in favor of the AUs mainly because they used Z,ZZ,CCA so much already.They could dip into the lesser known side stories for new UC material but they probably wouldn’t consider it since SRW (and ACE to a degree) generally stick to well known series.

I saw the picture, and the first thing that came to mind was “OMG Scopedog! VOTOMS finally!”

How, oh HOW did it take this long? Well, this might have usurped GGen World as the second highest game on my wishlist for the year (top is Portal 2, but that’s reasonable)

Excellent new, also great to see Shin Mazinger being brought into the fold!
OH and DiaGuard! I thought that was a no-go territory(along with Votoms) but Banpresto bloody managed to pull through.

“Apparently the game has also been in production since March 2009, so at least Banpresto have properly invested their time into this one”

As opposed to :P?

I have no clue how they are going to balance that scrap of Dai-Guard though, mobility of a Super and durability of a Real? He’ll take the role of a oversized Borot :V

I was saying to myself yesterday while playing VOTOMS for the ps2 that there will never be a SRW game with an AT in it and I got kinda sad.

Woke up this morning and saw this…


This is just too good to be true… It’s a living dream!

Hm…looks pretty great! I would have preferred a lot more UC Gundam, but its better than “none”, which is getting to be the norm.

Not my dream game (no Giant Robo or DYRL) but I’ll be getting this one for sure.

I miss DYRL too.

[…] le pagine di Mecha Damashi e Gundam France arriva una bella segnalazione che riguarda il mondo delle Super Robot War: la […]

Having neve played a SRW game before, I’m in the dark here, but how exactly do the games handle the differences in scale of the units? I mean, obviously TT Gurren Lagann is the biggest “mech” ever and the Scopedog is one of the smallest (and most “realistically handled”, i.e., breakable). There don’t seem to be any websites, that I can find anyway, that really explain how the SRW combat system works. So I put this question to you all: is there some kind of “maximum energy” or “maximum space” contrivancce that limits the number (or specifically the size) of units that can be deployed at once? Because from videos I’ve watched on youtube it appears as though players field however many super-sized robots they want. Not being able to read Japanese either has of course not helped me out in understanding how all this works.

Each game handles it slightly differently, but while there are obvious differences in the amount of power between certain mecha and mecha series, generally each robot has something they’re good at. It seems that we won’t be seeing the universe-sized Gurren Lagann at this point, since they’re supposed to use only the first half of the series, but even with the Gurren Lagann’s Giga Drill Breaker you’d think that it would be more useful than a simple Scopedog. What will probably happen is that little Scopedog can do stuff that the Gurren Lagann simply can’t–it might not be able to dish out and take damage like the Gurren Lagann can, but it can hit targets more accurately and dodge attacks so it doesn’t get hit in the first place, giving it a place on the battlefield.

I think it was Super Robot Wars 3 on the SNES where I learned that lesson: I was fighting Haman Karn, an enemy from Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam, and while my Super Robots had been doing the lion’s share of the damage in that stage up until that point, they had literally no chance to hit the speedy Haman unless they had enough spell points to use their Lock On skill. So Kamille in the Zeta Gundam and Amuro in the Nu Gundam had to use their less spectacular, but far more accurate attacks to kill that enemy that even the most uber Super Robot units would never even touch.

I wonder if Chirico from Votoms in the Scopedog unit will get a repair ability; it seems wrong for the most badass character in mecha anime history to be a mechanic, but if there’s anyone who is seen fixing up robots while still deploying on the battlefield, it’s him. I wouldn’t trust Fa from Zeta Gundam to fix my nuclear reactor, at any rate.

Generally this isn’t addressed since it would just be a no fun pain in the ass. SRW isn’t as brain dead as Sakura Wars, but its a lot simpler than something like Tactics Ogre where everything short of “scratch butt” is hella technical and time consuming and has all sorts of math tied to it. The biggest mecha in SRW is (I think) Ideon and even it only takes up a single square, but its main weapon could, IIRC, hit any square on the map.

There are size classifications for different units, at least in most games, and this basically effects how easily units dodge. As Tollmaster said it was REALLY hard (ie: impossible without using senshin) for something like the Macross to hit a Zeta Plus. This has actually changed a bit in post-Winky games. For example, I’m going through J again (because of the translation) and I can use Mazinger to punch Tekkaman Dagger with relative ease, something that would have been almost impossible in the old games.

I want to see Sergei in a Tieren and Chirico in a Scopedog gattai in response to Gurren Lagann.


Seriously, though. Even though I don’t actually like SRWs (and strategy at large), I might play this one.

I can’t wait to see how Heero and Setsuna get along in this game. Ive also noticed that there has been one well looked forward to mecha game coming out each month this year. Every month till april is gonna be SWEETILICIOUSLY AWESOME.

Thanks Tollmaster, SignOfZeta.

I wanted to try out the J translation, so would you mind telling me what all I need to get it up and running? Thanks for all the help.

I’m using a GBA flash cart, a M3 Lite, but those are not so easy to find anymore and and patching the ROM took me hours to get right (not the translation patch, the patch to make the save system compatible with my flash card).

You’ll find it easier to run the game in an emulator for Windows, OSX, Droid, some Korean handheld thing, etc.

what patch did it run???? plss answer T,T

Gundam 00? Code Geass???
Wait a minute… then we’ll have to see Kamina die again. T.T

found some gameplay sample picture in china website

Those are the Famitsu screens we already linked to.

I just realized this game is probably going to be over $90 US after shipping…

Not sure how I feel about that…

Finally a REAL SRW Game…Sick of what was the name..? Something Frontier..Would prefer if they bring in Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory though..i miss GP03.

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