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News: Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector PV

Posted on : 29-08-2010 | By : | In : News, Videos


The upcoming Super Robot Wars OG anime directed by none other than Masami Ōbari has finally received its first PV (shown below). Despite the somewhat unnerving character design, having the cockpits shake and rattle in both the PTX-007-03C Weißritter and PTX-003C Alteisen is rather refreshing. The PV is also quite long too and shows a good chunk of footage.




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I think the character designs look good. Its about time they decided to update the designs which have been stuck in the 90s. People have been saying they have completely changed the characters and they no longer look like themselves, but having seen this trailer I can be glad that the characters are still the same, now they are ready for the new decade.

If this is what the PV looks like, how lame with the actual show be? I predict long nearly static cuts of Leo-esque droog mecha firing their weapons, never hitting anything, and eventually blowing up. Total frams of animation for this 5 second cut? Three!

The reason the cockpits shake is because its cheap to animate!

Sadly, when I think of Obari and mecha anime direction, I imagine way way better stuff. He’s really talented with a great sense of style, but I guess when you are being held back by a puny budget and an established (lackluster) series, this is all you can do.

At least the mecha are hand drawn, I’ll give it that.

I thought it looked great, and way above most made-for-TV mecha productions. For me, the rattling noise in addition to the vibrating cockpit was the biggest eyebrow raiser. The mecha looked nicely Obari-fied, and the characters matched. Excellen’s voice makes me want to puncture my eardrums though. Still, can’t wait for this.

This looks a lot watchable than DW, the animation looks pretty damn good to me and the character design don’t seem as unnerving in the PV as the one in pic.

Why the Ryusei centered series had weak animation and the Kyosuke one looks so awesome? Dude, the fanboism of Kyosuke of the developers is annoying.

The original series was badly handled that’s why. It most likely had a low budget and it was given to a bunch of people who knew very little to nothing about making a mecha show.

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