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News: Super Robot Wars L Announced

Posted on : 25-08-2010 | By : | In : News



In the latest issue of Famitsu a new hand-held Super Robot Wars title has been announced, now with an “L” suffix. Whilst a new SRW game is always nice news, the fact it’s yet another DS title does grate somewhat. As Banpresto have a habit of regurgitating content between versions, with SRWL being no exception to this as the line-up reuses a large amount of series from W and K (amongst other things). Whilst there are some new series featured, such as Macross Frontier and Linebarrel, it’s still a bit of a rehash. Admittedly we get why Banpresto are doing this, as the DS is massive in Japan and re-using assets is cost effective but come on – where’s the PS3 SRW 2D turn based strategy epic we’ve all be waiting for? In any case, SRWL will be released in Japan on November 25th.

Updated: Famitsu has some new screenshots for the game on their site and the official site has gone live too.


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There are actually 6 new series being debut in L.

Rebuild of Eva (1 and 2)
Iczer One
Iczer Three
Dancouga Nova
Macross Frontier
Linebarrels of Iron

From the other pictures, they show Kenji from Jeeg is fighting Balba(Balba is shown as an enemy), something which did not happen in SRW K where Jeeg’s plot felt very rushed and underused.

The article in Famitsu says they will be redoing many of the sprites, this can clearly be seen for Mazinkaiser, Voltes and Combattler which are immediately different to their W and J editions.

Also, Takanobu Terada is not producer on this game, so this leaves room for chance that he is leading another project, which we can hope is a new console SRW.

A third isn’t really enough though, it’s still a rehash and Terada has a lot to answer for recently – as his interference has clearly ruined the ACE series.

You say “rehash” as if it is a bad thing, SRW K barely used all those series properly, it left many units out of Gaiking and Godannar. I have hope this will be SRW K done right.

From K
Destiny – Barely featured in K, had like 3 stages in total.
Gaiking – Many mechs were left out, but most of the story covered.
Godannar – Many many mechs were left out.
K Jeeg – Felt quite rushed with many attacks and forms not used at all.

From W
Mazinkaiser – From what I recall, they covered it pretty well in W.
SEED – Barely featured, W focussed more on the Astray Story
Gundam Wing EW – Some light focus, but mostly on the side.

From J
Voltes and Combattler – No story featured for these guys, just tagged along as filler.

And what do you mean Terada has “ruined” the ACE series? They said at the start they were creating R from the ground up. Its pretty much a complete reboot. Yes, in comparison to ACE:3, it does not seem as good. But ACE:3 was the last of the originally planned ACE series, they had 2 games under their belt and had managed to iron out all the kinks and from ACE 1 and ACE 2.

Seriously stop being so negative all the time.

The assets have been reused, whether they had story segments isn’t really relevant – as Banpresto is saving money by churning out another quick SRW.

It is a big deal as it damages SRW in the short term and damages the brand in relation to the bigger console titles. Especially after games like SRWZ, which used all new assets.

As for ACE:R, it’s been widely criticised now – both in Japan and abroad – as a massive step backward for the series. Much of the problems the game suffers from stems from Terada’s insistence of forcing in elements of SRW, that don’t work in an action game context. All three of the PS2 ACE are better than this functionally incoherent nonsense.

Anyway, I’m not negative “all the time” – this site is pretty jovial most of the time actually and I don’t see the sense of lying about crap games to appease anyone.

Voltes V’s story was actually used extensively in J btw.

I’m completely underwhelmed by this series lineup. I don’t begrudge the fans of the series that are represented here, but for me there’s a lot of units that don’t seem very “unique” to me–either they’ve been in other Super Robot Wars games, or there are other units already in the game that would serve a similar function. And of the functions that are represented, none of the Supers or the Reals here really jive with me.

I’d be able to tolerate Dancouga Nova if Gundam 00 was around; considering their plots of fighting in interventions to reduce worldwide warfare, it seems like it would make sense to have them together. Eh, maybe next time.

Don’t mine me; I’m just bitter that there’s no Real Robots from the 80s here. They could have thrown something like Dougram in there and I would be frothing with hype.

I wish they’d do something new with these kinds of games. Take the robots I love and put them in something like Valkyria Chronicles or Faselei! -if anyone remembers it. I feel like all of the SRW stuff, while fun, is a de-evolution of the old Nes and Snes SD Gundam stuff.

You should check out Super Robot Taisen: Scramble Commander sometime, then–I’ve heard it described as a “mecha RTS” but the videos I’ve seen made it look more like a tactical game, rather than a strategic one. Cacophanus would know more about this, but you can get some basic info on it from a quick Google search.

As for Super Robot Wars innovating, I have to admit that any company producing a Super Robot Wars game is wearing a noose around their neck from the get go–they’re supposed to bring something new to the franchise, but if they change too much, fans will cry bloody murder. And it’s fanboys who sell this type of game, so you almost (almost) can’t blame them for playing it conservatively.

A Super Robot Wars edition of Faselei! would be GOTY material for me, though.

The Scramble Commander games are basically RTS’s, I have both and the second game is arguably the most sophisticated of the two (plus it has a manual control). At times it plays like a mix of Homeworld and Herzog Zwei, as it mixes elements of both PC and console RTS’s. It’s by no means flawless though, as it has a fair few difficulty spikes.

“I feel like all of the SRW stuff, while fun, is a de-evolution of the old Nes and Snes SD Gundam stuff.”

I don’t get it…

The vast majority of the SD Gundam games from back then were utterly unplayable shovelware. SRW is a thousand times better than that old crap. The later Great Battle games are about the only thing playable from that era. I don’t see these newer, extremely enjoyable games as a de-evolution of garbage.

Thanks for the suggestion Tollmaster!
You’re killing me Zeta. Scramble Wars was the grandaddy of all these games way back on the NES.
I know they might seem crappy now but SD Gundam X and GX, on the Snes, head to head with another player was a really good time. Sorry to have offended you with the term ‘de-evolution.’ And, it’s true the majority of the games with SD in the name probably were bad, but SRW wouldn’t be here without the ones that were awesome.

No Getter and UC again *sighs*.

Combattler and Voltes are welcoming addition, I enjoyed their J appearance. Yay for Mazinkaiser again, which means…

BOROTKAISER RAISE AGAIN! (unless they nerf him from J/W)

Oh and where’s my Daimos to go with the Vs :S

Yeah, I don’t know what you’re on about. This is a way better series line up than K. So it re-uses sprites, so what? You expected it to be the first SRW to not do so?

I do have to concede that we haven’t had a real, full budget, ass kicking portable SRW since J, but this does look great to me. Having Iczer in there is huge. I thought people forgot about that. Macross Frontier will define the game (hopefully). Linebarrels of Iron is a very nice touch.

My only real complaint with SRW lately (OG garbage aside) is the continued and odd lack of UC Gundam. They really need to work on balancing the real shit with the boy band garbage. Needs more 80s in general.

I for one am glad they are phasing out UC Gundam. They’ve been plaguing every SRW game for the last 15 years. Time to give them a rest.

“It is a big deal as it damages SRW in the short term and damages the brand in relation to the bigger console titles. Especially after games like SRWZ, which used all new assets.”

Z was the exception, not the rule. SRWs will almost always reuse sprites, they’ll touch them up for the newer game but you can definitely see the same bases.

There were big changes between Alpha 1, 2 and 3 though – they weren’t rehashes to the same degree the recent handheld games have been.

Banpresto are just turning into a factory line when it comes to SRW with the handheld games.

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