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News: Super Robot Wars J, Coming Your Way

Posted on : 22-12-2010 | By : | In : News



We all know that in a perfect world, Super Robot Wars J would have been officially released in English. Its sweet, sweet combination of no less than 13 different anime series joining together to face evil in a strategy RPG set souls aflame. When it became clear that we did not live in this perfect world, however, and would be denied seeing this game’s release, a dedicated team of wizards and mystics set out to right this wrong, using the darkest and most forbidden of arts to scrape away at reality, tunneling into this hypothetical perfect world to extract an English copy of Super Robot Wars J from it.

Luckily, their Great Work is nearly complete, and a cornucopia of mecha tonnage is nearly ready to sortie. What they need for this Miracle is your help–your burning spirit–to pull the Veil of our Universe away for that tiny moment, just long enough to copy data over their 56k modem.

Clap if you believe in mecha fairy dust. Clap if you believe in love. Clap if you believe in never giving up. Clap if you believe in Space Lance.

Super Robot Wars J is coming, but only if we are first found worthy. You have been warned: prepare yourselves.

UPDATE: The translation group have turned back their hoods and have decided to make themselves known: when the translation is allowed out of its cage you may find it here. Keep in mind every minute they spend reading “but when, man, WHEN will it be done?” is one minute less they spend on the game’s release, and if possible restrain yourself from melting down their server through furious pressings of the reload button on your browser.


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Wait a moment, so the Rom Hacking team are finally readying the patch for release? I thought this was never going to come out.

I got those screenshots from a test version, so I can definitely say it’s near-complete.

By the way, yes, I used the debug function to put Bonta-kun in the Devil Gundam. Why? Because I could, man. Because I could.




If the patch is late, IT IS ENTIRELY MUUG’S FAULT. His disbelief has doomed us all!

It is not too late to pay for your sins, Muug. Your salvation can only be had in mecha games. Bring me three Zaku heads, and the eyes of Amuro will once again see your spirit as pure.

wait so what do we have to do

do we have to grunt like in dragon ball z or something to pull the chi out of our mobile suits

cause i mean ill do that for srwj translation, but i dont wanna scream for five minutes straight for no reason

Grunting and powering up for 20 minutes certainly can’t hurt our cause, but the most badass mecha heroes instead give rousing speeches to challenge the world to try and take them down.

And some of the most badass of the badass don’t even need to talk at all; Chirico from Votoms kept most of his feelings to himself, only occasionally reaching out and touching his fellow humans with a giant mecha fist or rocket-bazooka.

I give you full spirit team! lets all not forget, this will be the first SRW game to be fully in English. With all my heart, and possibly everyone, we thank you for your hard work to make one of the srw series world become English for the Americans. So we thank you, and we hope maybe you continue with another srw game. *coughsrwlcough* xD. I give you full spirit. I hope this is out by Christmas day! I’m rooting for a release this week!

So SRW, SRW3, SRW OG/2 and SRW @Gaiden are…?

In limbo, apparently. Has someone been absconding with the Tardis again?

Oh my god, this is finally coming out! I never lost hope in you, romhacking team! I always defended you when the haters and those without love said that you wouldn’t bring us the patch! And now my faith is being rewarded!

Back again, where will you release it? Im wondering.

Could you reply on WHERE this will be released? Not saying what day, cause i know you wont say, but where though? i dont want to search around the net for 30 minutes when this patch is (hopefully) out.

I didn’t link to the translators’ webpage for fear of disturbing their fell undertaking. Patience, my friend, for all shall soon be revealed–if your spirit is strong enough to handle it.

Toll. Please.

The translation will be released courtesy of The Romhacking Aerie, which you can find at

(feel free to add that to the blog entry proper)

Heh. Thanks Deets.

As long as this patch is like, 99% finished. I have some spirit for you guys. Like i said, im going to keep strength because you were pretty silent for some time, and now for you guys to finally make a update and say its almost finished, i hope that it’s released on Christmas Day, and i think maybe you guys took long because of the Logo. You guys worked hard to make it full english. Didnt expect the logo as well. Sure, some people probably have given up hope on you guys for your long absence, but i didnt man. So, i mean its winter break lol, to be silent this long, the team MUST be finished. I just hope you’re preparing for Christmas morning =D.

Currently clapping like a crazy mofo.

At last… now i know my faith isn’t futile…keep going guys..

Looks neat. I’m not that fond of the SRWs as I’m not that big on Strategy games, but I might give it a shot.

I’m still irked that the one on the PS1 that was translated didn’t support the PS1 mouse. I loved playing that SNES one that supported the SNES mouse on my old tablet pc.

Well, this will give me a break between OG1 and 2.

Eraahhh!! I have hope, love, and justice on my side! With all of those, I cannot lose! And I will will this to being completed sooner! I will use all of my power to force it! Force the gates of Space/Time open! And SRW J to come through even if it takes my life to do it!

After wanting to play this game for years, and checking this game every 2 days since finding out it was being translated here..

Oh, I am overjoyed..It’s like a burning sensation in my soul..

I think if I get any more excited, I might just erupt..

I can’t wait to have this game at my finger…tips..

Who could I get to…help me with this joy I feel?!


C’mon guys, i know you can, I KNOW IT!



Greetings from chile, i know that romhacking it’s such a pain in the ass, and you did it, that’s a pure soul man.

Thanks! i want to play this game so badly!

this is important for me ;_;

*manly tears*

It’s Christmas day and no patch…but I won’t give up! I will show as much spirit as needed until this game is released!

No matter how long it takes, I will wait. The translation team has done miracles even attempting to translate the game and I must tip my hat off to them. Thanks for even trying to do this feat. Take your times and ignore the impatient. I’m behind you guys all the way!

It’s out and it’s awesome. All there’s to say.

Spread the love <3

Man, I thought this thing was never coming out! Looks like this changed my mind! First Absolute Zero finishes Innocence, now SRW J’s done! I hope that this is a continuing trend in which we’ll see more completed translation projects!!

I’m going to give this one a go! Thanks RA for all of your hard work!! Happy New Year!!

ohhh!!!!! what an AMAZING work you guys have done!!! i am in AWE!!! i hope you guys can accomplish more!!!

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