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News: Sumo added to Gundam Extreme Versus

Posted on : 24-01-2011 | By : | In : News



In an update scheduled for the 27th January, the shiny gold MRC-F20 SUMO will be added to Gundam Extreme Versus. The Sumo, like with many of the Turn A Gundam designs, was penned by renowned futurist Syd Mead. The Sumo is normally of a silver colouring though but the gold variant was exclusively reserved for the somewhat awesome Harry Ord. Both the gold colouring and Ord’s awesome shades were a partial nod to Char’s appearance in Zeta Gundam and his piloting of the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki. There’s been no word on a console release for the game as yet but it’s still looking oh so shiny.


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Wow, nice addition. I think he was the only man with really big balls in the serie 😛
On the console release, somehow it’s better this way, because they’re adding more characters/mobile suits, and for when it’s released there wont be so many DLCs.

Oh yeah! I’ve always been a guy to root for the stereotyped “rival” in a Gundam series, but that interest took a level in intensity once I saw Harry in Turn A! He’s pretty much Char minus the well-intentioned extremist milieu and complex for the young (read, illegal) ladies. SUMO is not what I’d call a “pretty” MS design, but, along with Turn A are among my favorites as they are uniquely American entries into the meta-series. I can only hope that this game gets a console release. Maybe if that happens we’ll see a new influx of Turn A merch…I’d love to get a new Master Grade SUMO or Robot Damashii figure of it.

Turn A being my favorite Gundam series (if the name I post with isn’t enough of a hint), I’m glad to see more varied units from the series. The SUMO should be a fantastic addition, especially since despite it’s inspirations from Zeta, the SUMO is a very original design, and deserves more love.

Harry Ord is only “somewhat” awesome? Dude wore bug-eyed shades at night while using “UNIVERSE!!!” as an inexplicable battle taunt, and he did all that while making it look GOOD. In the far less grimdark future of Gundam, the spirit of Char spends less effort backstabbing and more time impressing ladies with his pimped-out golden robot.

Sure, but I think we’d all do that if we were in possession of a 4 story, gold plated robot.

About damn time, really. As much as I love Lauran and his Turn A, Harry Ord is the biggest badass of the series. As long as he fast and furious, he’ll be a welcome addition. Hopefully he also screams “Universe!”

He does.

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