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News: Mecha Damashii on the Select Button Podcast

Posted on : 14-03-2010 | By : | In : News


Both Tollmaster and I were recently involved on the selectbutton podcast talking all about the wonder of mecha games (the podcast link is here).

From Gigantic Drive to Omega Boost and a slew of other games, we generally covered a fair bit of ground. It’s also worth clarifying, as well as apologising for, that I’m the monologuing British chap and the reason for the long spiels is due to the fact I had to join in via Skype (rather than use Ventrilo, as per the other guys). The problem was that, unlike Ventrilo, I couldn’t control when I signed off so I had to keep talking in an increasingly incoherent stream of consciousness type of way. Thankfully, Tollmaster kept the whole thing together with his hot blooded spirit and guts. Anyway, give it a listen and feel free to head on over to the forums too.


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Interesting listen, yeah its a shame about Omega Boost like ZOE 😛 its poor sales meant it had no chance of getting another game.

I dont know many people that still talk about Omega Boost though, it really is a dead franchise, ZOE still has many fanboys and pro players on it.

Omega Boost on PS3 would be amazing, pity all that company make is GT for 5 years, is GT even out yet? they keep showing it at E3 like its a new game, I laugh everytime.

Surprised you guys didnt talk more about the state of mecha games, which is not in great shape imo, especially if you exclude the psp.

Home console is pretty dire, and yeah I cant believe the Gundam Wii game never came out in the west, its crazy, I mean I thought Nintendo would back that game, we get Sin and Punishment 2 and TvC but no Gundam? I dont get it.

We will get Dynasty Gundam 3 and Target in Sight 2 : Twice as shitty lol.

Like a Gundam Pilots Girlfriend we are doomed, to never getting any good games.

I agree with One Year War the game is amazing, why they just cant follow on from that I dont know.

Likely the next Gundam game we will get here (in the US) is Fat Lot of Nothing, since it seems the Gundam Musou games are being replaced by Fist of the North Star Musou, unless they want to just add it as another series. The Vs. games, which sold reasonably well here for Gundam titles, are not being brought over for who the hell knows why, and Gundam Senki is left in Japan, though it is on PS3 and fairly easy to play with no knowledge of Japanese.
Seriously, I have no clue why they even bothered with Target in Sight. Gundam has had minimal popularity here since Wing stopped playing, and the last really great Gundam game we got was Zeonic Front (Encounters and the Vs. games are good, but not quite as good as ZF).

At this point, I just don’t get Bandai Namco. If they want to release Gundam here, release quality games, otherwise just leave us to our imports. Each bad game you release just screws any attempt you make to get Gundam into the American market even more than the last. Honestly, Target in Sight should have been the deathblow, but Musou might give you another shot. Don’t blow it.

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