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News: Linkin Park are potentionally made of awesome

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Like with previous Gundam Versus games, you often get a Japanese singer to do a cover song for the intro (Gackt being notable in this regard). However, for the upcoming Gundam Extreme Versus things are going to be a little…different. Instead of using a Japanese artist, Bandai Namco will be using the American band Linkin Park and their song The Catalyst for the game’s intro song. Following on from this, they’ll also be releasing (in Japan) a modified HGUC kit of the RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam Full Vernian “Zephyranthes” from Gundam 0083 styled by the band. To make matters somewhat more awesome, the above press shot has the band dressed in Federation regalia from the same part of the Universal Century timeline, this is more than a little bit brilliant as far as we’re concerned (and classy too because they picked UC). In any case, this version of the single was released yesterday in Japan and the music video for the song is shown below.


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Can’t wait to see how they edit the intro to fit the song so it covers all the anime tropes accordingly to the cuts of the song. Ex: rivals clashing at upbeat chorus, long “emotional” shot during slow parts, etc.

Unless you’re already a fan of the band, I don’t see how is this awesome. It’s like American version of Dragon Ball Z opening.

I like the GP01 in the picture though.

I love the picture, but I dunno how they’re gonna fit the song to the intro. It just doesn’t have that fast paced feel that I would expect for the intro.

So does this mean Linkin Park members are fans of Gundam? That’s pretty cool

Maybe the band’s inclusion could help promote the game in America somehow, so that it can be brought to the US.

Just slap that promo art on the side of an arcade cabinet, have the song blaring when the arcade game is in Attract Mode, and who knows.. maybe Gundam will make a come back in the US??? 🙂

This isn’t the first time Linkin Park has shown their Gundam fandom. In the video for Somewhere I Belong (off of their album Meteora) they rather prominently show off three Gunpla of Sazabi, Wing Zero Custom, and GP-01FB at the beginning and sporadically throughout.

Also, the cover art of their remix album Reanimation featured a Zaku-esque mecha.

cool 8) Now I really think Linkin Park could help popularize Gundam in the US! Make it happen Bandai. If you’re listening. You’re not.



I dislike them to such a degree that it seems to infringe on Extreme Versus’ awesomeness instead of making the band seem better.

Such is prejudice, I guess.

I’m not a fan of the band either, but any exposure Gundam might get in the West is good exposure. The Gundam games that come out over here tend to be the ones that are most forgettable, and they don’t bring the better ones over here because Gundam isn’t as popular in the West. It’s a vicious circle that, perhaps, Linkin Park can break.

It’s what Char Aznable would do, at least before abandoning Linkin Park to the horrors of the White Devil itself.

Besides, this just brings my suggestion of a Gundam rock opera composed by Rush one step closer to reality. It could be for progressive rock what Brutal Legend was for heavy metal. Bandai, you’ve got my e-mail, get on the horn and let’s talk toy deals.

Agree with Tollmaster. Linkin Park isn’t my favorite band, but if they’re fans of Gundam, then that’s definitely a good thing. If it allows for more Gundam exposure here in the US, then we should be cheering, not moaning and groaning.

I can agree with ya If linkin park will sing the song I think Bandai will try bringing new gundam games

It’d be great if somehow the CD included an insert/coupon towards ordering the Zephyr model.

That’s a bit strange and finally they are doing a western song by an american band

I knew these guys were some kinda mecha fans when I saw the album cover for “Reanimation,” but damn, this is pretty impressive.

I’m not a huge fan of their work, but it isn’t really bad. I do find it somewhat interesting that one of their songs is also being used in trailers for Medal of Honor, so, two very different games, in two countries, in the same year, but in Japan they get to make a model kit. Awesome.

Silly me, the song in the Medal of Honor trailer is also “The Catalyst.” And, the model kit looks kinda bleh, but the shield coloring, while basically pulled from the album cover, is pretty nice.

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