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News: Lift Release V1.0

Posted on : 24-01-2011 | By : | In : News, Videos



Over the years there have been a fair few attempts at making a cogent Eureka Seven game. From the misguided attempts by Bandai, in the form of New Wave and New Vision respectively, to the somewhat better approach seen in Another Century’s Episode 3 and Portable. Well, there’s now a new game made by fans using the Unity engine. Called Lift, it offers some pretty damn cool multiplayer action with suitably comprehensive controls. The latter is important to emphasise, this game has been made without functional compromise; surfing mecha through the sky isn’t meant to be easy. It’s also wonderfully free, so there’s no excuse not to play it really. The playable roster of mecha is pretty focused but there’s more than enough to keep multiplayer games interesting. For those that can’t wait to surf the trapar in their LFO, then you can download the game here.


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It looks reminiscent of Zone of the Enders versus modes.

Not sure how you see that, as the ZOE versus modes (in both games) resorted to either player trying to take priority as to whoever got the closest camera view. Not to mention that the games were based around very rigid lock-ons, Lift is very manual by contrast.

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