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News: Gundam Versus Roster Adds Hi-Nu, Slave Wraith, Gelgoog HM, Guntank and Many More

Posted on : 16-05-2017 | By : | In : News



As we get closer to the July 6th Japanese/SEA release of Gundam Versus, the latest Famitsu issue reveals 11 new units to the roster! Headlining the update includes the Hi-Nu Gundam from Char’s Counterattack: Beltorchika’s Children and the RX-79[G] Slave Wraith and Gelgoog HM from the PS3 title Gundam Side Stories. Both Side Stories units are brand new to the Gundam VS series and it’s interesting to see the roster start to branch out into the game spinoffs. This means we’ll most definitely see the Pale Rider and possibly it’s updated variant, the Todesritter, in the roster sometime down the line as well. Of course, with Hi-Nu joining the cast, the Nightingale is not too far behind.

While not listed in the article preview, we’ll also be seeing the addition of more 200 cost units. They include the Guntank, Rick Dias, Methuss, Dom, Hi-Zack, GM Custom, Re-ZEL, and Vigna Ghina. With this updated list including the ones listed on the official site so far, we’re now at 83 playable units confirmed. As in previous VS games, we do know a lot more are incoming especially as we haven’t seen the likes of 00 Raiser, Destiny, and God Gundam. As to whether or not they’re unlockable or part of a DLC plan is still up in the air. Let us know what you think of the latest roster additions below and what you’d like to see added!


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Nice to see we will finally be getting the Vigna Ghina. I know its wishful thinking, but i hope they add more ZZ MS as well. MS like the Dreissen and Doven Wolf would fit right in.

Agree, would like more ZZ units. I feel better knowing UC in general is getting plenty of units though. As for ZZ reps though, I would really like to see Bawoo.

The site was just updated with 12 new MS. Turns out the Kapool has been split in 2. I was wondering if it was gonna be like it was in the last one. Now im curious to see how the 2 will play like.

I don’t like how the roster is shaping up: too many units from MSG, Zeta, Wing and 00 and too few of other series.

I’m also a big fan of Neo Zeon MS and dislike that the Qubeley from Zeta is classified as a ZZ unit, while the ZZ is split into regular version and FA version. worst offender is the Qubeley Mk II, which is essentially a reskin of the Haman’s unit and used to justify that thevgame does have ZZ units.

On the other hand, I’m not a fan of Gundams Type MS themselves and would rather not play a game where half the roster are Gundams and out of those half are your generic GM/Gundam which the devs have to give special moves or skills to be able to stand out from the crowd of vanilla GM/Gundam clones.

Very disappointed so far.

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