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News: Gundam Unicorn Third DLC

Posted on : 27-03-2012 | By : | In : News



As of a few days ago, a third DLC pack was released for the Gundam Unicorn game on PS3. Containing a lot more free content this time, the only really paid element (bar some emblems and a weapon pack) is another new mobile suit. Specifically that of the ARX-014 Silver Bullet (pictured above). Like much of the previous DLC mobile suit content, this too is also from the Bande Dessinee manga tie-in. Of all the MSV entries in Unicorn, this is probably one of the most interesting though. The design originally stems from the ORX-013 Gundam Mark V seen in Gundam Sentinel, which in turn produced the AMX-014 Doven-Wolf from Gundam ZZ and that in turn created the Silver Bullet. It’s also one of those mobile suits that looks like a Gundam but actually isn’t (much like the RGM-79FC Striker Custom, that’s actually a pimped out GM Striker). What’s curious about the Silver Bullet, in a functional sense at least, is that it has INCOM units. These are remote units attached via wire that can either reflect mega particle beam shots or create their own. Somewhat like funnels or bits, they historically don’t require a Newtype as a traditional psycommu system is rarely involved in their control and this means mass production is (in theory) more viable as normal pilots can handle them instead. In any case, we’re just happy we have even more mobile suits to play with.

Update: A fourth DLC has also been recently released, featuring a rather epic looking Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, at the princely sum of 500 yen.


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Will JP DLC play on a US account?

From personal experience, I can say yes.

Laurarola is quite correct , after you downloaded the DLC from the japan account its used when playing your import games from a US account on the same PS3 . Even the game downloads work this way.

The DLC 3 pack was out last Wednesday the 21st.
Which means it’s time to check my JPSN Store for a 4th DLC pack.

Yep, 4th is out, but no free missions this time? How sad.

Still, the new free character and story movies are nice, and the Paid content includes the Psycommu-equipped Silver Bullet and the Full Armor Unicorn.

Thanks guys. As you can guess I’ve never tried getting game content off JP-PSN.

update April 12 th DLC pack released

This is the most cool update to date , yes even the mighty FullArmor Unicorn can’t compare to adding
Chars Counterattack’s Nu Gundam and Sazabi into this game .

Once again the Units cost Y500 but you get missions VS them free.

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