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News: Gundam Extreme Versus at C3xHOBBY

Posted on : 30-08-2010 | By : | In : News



4Gamer has a nice bit of coverage on Gundam Extreme Versus’ presence at this year’s C3xHOBBY. Despite the presence of Kazuki Yao, the voice of Judau Ashta (amongst many others), the interesting announcement is the presence of a new Kunio Okawara design in the game, called the Extreme Gundam. Similar in many ways to the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam but it also has a reverse “face” currently hidden from view. This will be a boss unit in the game and there’s no word on whether it will be playable as yet.


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It’s always amazing how his designs never look decent on paper, but when translated by others becomes good.
Though the effort on this one seems just outlandish and half-assed.

Ive been wondering, do you think this game will finally get a scene in the western world? surely it should be heading to ps3 at some point, which surely means it will have online play, something Ive been crying out for since ps2 days, if that happens I’ll glady get back into these games, since I havent touched them since they put them and wasted them on the psp, I know a ps3 release is a long way off, but I can only hope right?

Game looks great anyway.

Unfortunately, as long as the West is largely apathetic towards Gundam (and Bamco seemingly is just as apathetic in trying to put forth a decent commercial effort), it’s doubtful that games like this will make it over here. And I doubt Capcom (the actual makers of the Gundam Vs. series) will be otherwise moved.

Any way, all I need is the promise of great net-code and a PS3 port, and I’ll be importing this sucker day 0 next year. I’m sure that much could be said for most of the non-arcade goers that are following this game…

Well thats what I meant, I know their is zero chance of this comming out in the west, but people will still buy/import it, especially if it has online, like you say Im sure thats most peoples plan, which means you just wont be playing japanese online, but people much closer.

The netcode could be a problem, since it wont be based around worldwide play, but we will have to wait and see.

I’m not particularly impressed with this EXTREME Gundam. Other than what seem to be some very pronounced hardpoints, I don’t really see much of a threat in something like this. Kinda just reminds me of the Duel with the Double X’s head. Something about those wrist points is familiar though, but I can’t place it…

All well, if it comes to PS3, I’ll gladly pay some cash for it, though I will give it a couple months in case there is an English version made (hey, who knows, it could happen).

Do you know if any of these types of shows/conventions will be held in Japan in November? I might be going to Japan then.

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