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News: Gundam Breaker 2 Announced for Winter 2014

Posted on : 24-08-2014 | By : | In : News, Videos

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If you’re looking for more Gundam Breaker action, fear not! Bandai Namco have announced Gundam Breaker 2 for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita for Winter 2014.  Not much is known about the title so far, such as possibly carrying over your units from the first game or what new units will be added, but we’ll let you know as soon as more information comes out. Until then, check out the teaser video below!


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Gundam Breaker 2 ? I I guess it was inevitable , but what could they possibly add to make anyone want to play this more? except maybe cross compatibility with the Vita version and actual online play for the Vita? It’s not that the game was bad , it’s novelty gets old after a few weeks

The first one does have Cross Save and Cross Play so I don’t know what you are talking about there. I use them constantly.

The game is about customization. I have MS that are build for power, some are just ridiculous, some demonic. I maxed out my slots a year ago so I have to keep saving over cool MS. King Zaku, God Zaku, 大ホムレス, Mega Duck…I love those dudes.

This is the Firepro of mecha games and I can’t help anyone that can’t see that.

Here’s the deal. There was 1 gundam for each main series. They were way too many grunt variations in the game. They went as far as too make an epyon clone for example instead of actually putting in game. The game was fun but honestly you got more grunt parts then you of did actual gundam parts. If they are smart they’ll put like 2 to 3 max for the grunt suits like the zaku and put more gundams. They also ignore the previous gen gundams like 00’s exia for example and go with the most powerful suit from the series.Basically make 70 percent of the suits gundams and 30 percent grunts. So much more variation which make the game much better then the first game.

Erm, you do realize there are far less leads than supposed ‘grunts,’ in terms of raw numbers. And many people like a lot of mobile suits beyond the lead ones.

If they did only the ‘most powerful’ suits for each series that’d be even less (25 animated series/ovas/movies, if we separate the 00 movie and count G-Reco and Gundam Build Fighters Try. If we include side works there are more, but many side works lack models for their leads, which, this game is based on.). There would be barely any unit variety and it’d be boring as hell (I know that every single unit I want in the game is not a series lead nor a ‘main character’ suit, and many others from who I’ve asked.). We also know that they are already bringing back all the parts from the first game.

“Q: 100機以上参戦の中でザクⅡとシャア専用ザクⅡはそれぞれ1機体カウント?

A: 色違いの機体や一部のみパーツの違う機体に関しては本作では合わせて1機体としてカウントしてます”

^ That’s from their twitter. From what I’ve seen people translate (MechaTalk) it as, they are claiming there are going to be 100+ mobile suits, NOT including color variants.

This is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite Gundam game ever. I have 127hours in over the PS3 and Vita versions of the first one. I am SO happy to see this as are my online Gundam Breaker buddies. Its basically the first Phantasy Star Online (DC) but with more than three levels and actual gameplay instead of that 1, 2, 3 junk. Its a “hang out” game for sure.

I’d like way way more parts, mainly. Many suits don’t have all their parts in the game. You can build a ZZ but they never made a beam rifle for it. The Guntank’s head is in there, but no other parts. Paint options could increase too. You can’t make logos and stuff and all the guns have a fixed color scheme. I’d love a Forza-grade paint booth.

I didn’t think this game was going to happen based on the fact that they never made any real DLC for it. Seeing that they are officially tying in with Gundam Build Fighters is cool too. I have no idea why the first one wasn’t.

Actually, ZZ’s beam rifle is in the game

Oh yeah! Looks like Amphibious suits are confirmed then! Look forward to more info. Hopefully they’ll keep all the old suits and just add on from there. Maybe work on making different weapons and builds balanced and equal so you can try for all kinds of ways of playing.

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