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News: Gundam Battle Operation Sales Update

Posted on : 24-09-2012 | By : | In : News



Whilst the the title of this post may sound a little dull, this is actually quite interesting in a broader sense. In short Gundam Battle Operation has been downloaded lots with a 75% attachment rate in terms of purchases and made around 700 million yen (roughly 9 million US Dollars) since release. This is good right?

Well, no. Not really. To put it into perspective in terms of sales, an average PSP game can make more than double than this. The really scary insight though was that the money made has more than enough paid for the game’s development. This is a PS3 game we’re talking about here and one that was developed for a few years. Basically, Japanese developers get paid like utter shit in order for this to make a profit.

The other slightly bizarre thing we found out was that Masahiko Tokushima, of former Team White Dingo fame, was and is somehow involved with Battle Operation (apparently as a “director”). We’re not sure how much he had to do with the game’s development but he may have been rolled out purely to appease the fanbase (as his name alone garners a lot of respect when it comes to Gundam games in Japan). After the dissolution of Team White Dingo a few years back, he may have been relegated to a more managerial role at BEC so that may help to explain his presence.


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Really positive reporting guys…

Honestly, are you upset that the game is JP and PS3 only?

Hardly, we import a large selection of games and have no interest in platforms (just the games on them).

The issue with GBO, apart from the fact it’s awful, is that it 1) made very little money and 2) paid its developers even less.

“JP only” is a pretty meaningless concept for a Gundam fan, especially for this game which can be downloaded anywhere in the world with a little work.

The game is…pretty clunky though.

Probably would’ve helped if they made a better game.

I’m honestly not surprised they’re hurting in profits. If WE, overseas, don’t make any transactions, what’s that percentage in the country that this game was marketed for?

I feel bad for the development team that probably had their asses kicked over this project only to come out with very little to show for it. This game had loads of potential! With more effort, time, and distance from all the micro-transaction bullshit, it could’ve been great.

Remember Project Odessa? I thought G:BO was the natural progression of what that would have been. We need a great Gundam game already! Hell, I’d be happy with a Zeonic Front sequel if they’ve completely run dry of ideas.

You mean Project Pegasus?

This game steadily improves with each update , recently they added The Gouf Custom and Ez-8 from 08th infantry OVAsand Gelgoogs , and I just unlocked the Proto Gundam. The online community is strong , although being kicked from a room for not being Japanese is obnoxious , as is the idiots who disconnect to thwart losing a game . but I’ve logged in for 88 straight days and it’s good at keep me entertained .

I’ll try playing again when stun lock doesn’t break everything. Or when the frame rate starts touching 30 frames per second.

Though I doubt they’ll be working on that.

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