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News: Gundam Battle Operation Next Announced

Posted on : 30-04-2015 | By : | In : News, Videos

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In a rather bizarre way, Bandai Namco have announced Gundam Battle Operation Next for PS4 and PS3. This is indeed the follow up sequel to the previous Gundam Battle Operation game on PS3, that was the first foray into freemium for the series. This is also the much touted PS4 Gundam game that was previewed a good while back, so the fact it turned out to be this is a tad…disappointing. The good news is that this new game seems to follow the Gundam Breaker and Gundam Extreme Versus approach in terms of the high-speed team based action. The game has currently started its beta on the Japanese PSN as of today and will continue running until this Sunday. So jump in while you can and check it out, hopefully it won’t be utterly terrible!


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Right, I will try it out on Friday!
On a side note, are you guys going to review Gundam Breaker 2? I am unsure of whether to import that (It’s decently priced on Amazon right now), or Mobile Suit Gundam Senki U.C. 0081. I know that the gameplay is very, very different between the two of them, but I can’t decide between the two!

We will review it yeah, depends what kind of game you want to play. Did you like the first Breaker?

I never played the first Gundam Breaker, although I heard that there was some heavy free-to-play elements that came into play closer to the end of the game.

The freemium elements from the first Breaker are also in the sequel, sadly.

I’m not sure what these elements might be. In the first one there wasn’t anything worth purchasing DLC-wise. Nothing. And it cost $70 so I guess we have different versions of what freemium is. There aren’t any gems or timers or anything like it.

I’ve been too busy to play 2 very much lately, but IMO is more of the same: fun. To be honest I’m pretty sure I had more fun with GB1 than any other Gundam game, and I’ve been importing them for almost 25 years.

I suppose there are way too many Gundam games so Breaker gets lost in the heap, especially in the English language parts of the Internet. Myself, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a blast. You customize the MS and you rip stuff to pieces. It’s terrific. My favorite part is building really high concept MS like King Zaku, God Zaku, 大ホムレス, Megaduck…my mecha garage is rad as hell.

Having played 0081, I can say at the least the gameplay there’s fairly smooth. Ammo management’s a thing, as well as the physics. While not perfect, the fights feel One-Year-War era, if souped up for roughly a year of technological enhancements. Unlike some games wherein the Gundam can beat out the Hi-Nu in ability effortlessly…

Get 0081.

Looks like ass. Will probably be ass too.

With those visuals they better have a drop free, solid and stable 60FPS.

THIS is what they were previewing? Are you sure? previous teasers claimed the ps4 Gundam game would have all series in it… If this is it I am very disappointed. Here’s hoping Maxi Boost will see a release sometime soon on ps3 to make up for this…

This has all the series and the teaser footage from a while back for the PS4 game is in this announcement trailer. They are the same game.

I watched it, so yeah you are right. Bummer! Looks all kinds of clunky and unspecial. Too bad.


They had a Wing Gundam event recently that allowed a opportunity to obtain both the Wing Gundam itself and the Gundam Heavyarms . The next event scheduled to begin soon adds the Zeta Gundam and Hamurabi mobile suits

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