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News: CuriousFactory’s Mecha Doujin Games

Posted on : 20-02-2010 | By : | In : News



While doing a bit of research on the commercial version of Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2, a freeware mecha game similar to the Gundam Versus series of game with an English fan translation, I found that not only was the commercial version already out, but it had received an official English translation all the way back in July of last year. While it unfortunately falls into the massive gulf that exists between “free” and “not free”, with the $20 price tag not doing anything to close that gap, it’s a rare example of a Japanese doujin game seeing official release outside of Japan.

Looking around a bit more, though, led me to discover that CuriousFactory, the fellows involved with that English release, have brought over a few other mecha games in the past (link may not be entirely safe for work, depending on how your employer feels about little cartoon girls wearing only a belt for a shirt), specifically three different shmups.

I can’t speak to the actual quality of these games, because I’m not much of a shooting game aficionado, but what’s most interesting to me is that all three of the mecha shmups are from the same doujin circle, ASTRO PORT, and all three feature entirely different mecha art styles. Armed Seven has a distinctly Armored Core/Real Robot feel, Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser looks like it would have fit right in with the cartoonish 70s Super Robot animes, and Witch-bot Meglilo has a cute female robot girl as the protagonist.

The CuriousFactory games list has links to downloadable trials for all of the games mentioned above, so feel free to give them a whirl.


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Armed Seven looks like the Assault Suits (specifically Valken) games crossed with Last Resort (Neo Geo). That’s a freaking AWESOME combination. Will DL! Thanks for the tip.

Well. I guess Japanese games fanmade is pretty well. Two reason I love doujin games is: 1. Price is cheap 2. Good quality.

Most PC games are comes from U.S or Europe. for some Japanese freak, it’s bad. (Especially character design)

You can try download my doujin games collection…Here:

I’ll add more games weekly

commenting on a nearly 6-year old article!

curiousfactory seems to own DLsite, which distributes various doujinsoft titles but doesn’t seem to be involved with localizations anymore.

localization of ASTRO PORT games seems to have gone on to Nyu Media, and they’ve released Vulkaiser and Armed Seven on Steam.

Witch Bot Meglilo is on Playism’s site, but not published by Nyu Media. Not sure if it’s translated, though.

and finally, Project Windom has a new version coming up – SV. A trial called SV Lite was released/revealed at Comiket 83, but they went silent for two full years after that. Finally, at C89, they released a new trailer for SV.

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