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News: Bandai Namco to possibly forgo console releases of Gundam Extreme VS Maxi Boost and Maxi Boost On?

Posted on : 25-01-2016 | By : | In : News



Over the weekend, a twitter image had been making waves across western Extreme VS fans regarding its content and what it might mean for future console releases of the Extreme VS franchise, or rather lack thereof. Originating from a Japanese blog, the picture above is supposedly from an internal Bandai Namco report showing how there will be no console ports of Maxi Boost or Maxi Boost On due to the potential loss of players at game centers. As the Extreme VS series is a consistent top three small cabinet earner in Japan for the past several years (coming in second to Tekken 7 last November), the reluctance of bringing the newest version to the PS3/PS4 makes a lot of sense from a business perspective. But to not bring the previous version of the series to consoles on the verge of releasing the newest one like they’ve done with Extreme VS and Full Boost is somewhat shocking.

Perhaps the writing was on the wall with the release of Extreme VS Force for the Vita. With a single player focused version, maybe Bandai Namco were hoping to somewhat satiate the VS need at home while still bringing in the numbers in game centers all over Japan. While the game itself isn’t bad, the lack of content, reduced movesets, and lack of online play was not very favorable in the eyes of many. The Japanese audience particularly definitely let their opinions be known about Extreme VS Force via Amazon reviews and other outlets and prices of the game almost plummeted immediately after release.

While this may not necessarily be a huge problem for Japanese and Asian fans as they can make it to arcades to play Maxi Boost and eventually Maxi Boost ON, Western fans are practically out of luck. There was a slight ray of hope when it was announced Extreme VS Force was coming to the West as it possibly meant a future Maxi Boost console version would be next, but the messaging above does not appear to be kind to those waiting. Coupled with the way Bandai Namco have been flooding the console version of Full Boost with Maxi Boost unit DLC, the rumor does lend credence to the possibility that they don’t have plans of bringing Maxi Boost to the PS3 or PS4. Barring a trip to Japan or Asia, loyal fans in the West might not get a chance to play future versions of the series.

Mind you, we are treating this as a rumor so here’s to hoping it is false. As Maxi Boost ON gets ready to release in arcades this March, we may possibly get more info on a future console port that many of us have been waiting for.


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Just like to Point out this image was posted in japan twitter months ago and its call to being legit is skeptical at best. Yaraon-blog is also known for click bait so they’re not to reliable either.

however there was a recent board meeting with Bamco and they said they didn’t have plans for MB home release.

Well I’m hoping for something at TGS 2016.

who ever posted this was trolling. just look at the magazine paper good. it dont even look professional. i dont think bandai would put something out like this . the thought of them not porting it is scary. but dont be worried. im sure they’re gonna port it. my speculation is when they announced the biggest update thing on the site. they were giving maxiboost one more year in arcades. thats why we got a load of gundam content ending of last year. you got Bo Next. gundam extreme vs force.but that not even worth buying. unless you wanna play as the g self and barbatos like me lol. and the new sd gundam game coming out. and plus good ass animation . gundam thunderbolt

but this tgs. “tokyo game show”. im expecting a pv trailer of the port. if we dont get nothing this year or information of the port for maxiboost. I’ve lost hope xd. im predicting the game will be announced this tgs and ported begining of 2017.

check out my channel on youtube if you like gundam “yumas cloud.

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