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News: Assault Suits Leynos released in the West on July 12th

Posted on : 06-07-2016 | By : | In : News, Videos




After a fair wait, the Assault Suits Leynos remake on PS4 is finally coming Westward on July 12th. I’ve already played the Japanese release and it’s not overtly great. It’s a real shame as Dracue made the excellent Gunhound but Leynos feels really vague in terms of its controls and movement. Compared to the pin-point precision expected of the player in the MegaDrive original, this PS4 remake is far more forgiving. It’s still a playable game though, unlike the PS2 version of Valken. This game is also not all that great visually either and after the amazing Leynos 2 on the Saturn, it feels like a big step back. Anyway, you’ll be able to check the game out for yourself on July 12th, so let me know what you think of it in the comments.


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Read somewhere that the PC version is also coming out on the 12th.

Oooh, that’d be nice.

I still haven’t taken the plunge on getting a PS4, despite seriously wanting SRWOGMoonDwellers (in something at least RESEMBLING english), which is really my main reason to get one – which isn’t to say there aren’t other good reasons like EDF4.1 (which is still in some awkward “Is it coming to Steam or not?” limbo last I heard).

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