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News: Assault Gunners Release and DLC

Posted on : 28-06-2012 | By : | In : News



As of today Assault Gunners is now available on the PSN store to buy, for a very affordable 1,480 yen no less. In addition to this there is also some day one DLC, moreover it’s entirely free as well. Don’t go crazy though, as the DLC is simply new voiceovers from some SDN48 members and here’s a video of them feigning interest too. Bar this rather hackneyed PR stunt, the game itself is actually pretty decent. Admittedly it’s based off the Destroy Gunners games made by Shade but Assault Gunners has far superior controls and looks a lot nicer too. Once we’ve played it a bit more we’ll be sure to post our impressions.


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I guess it’s up to me to comment as possibly one of very few on MD that owns the Vita , the price for me is $35. As all YEN Store cards are sold in Y 1,000 increments for $20 , which means investing $40. on a download Vita game. I did check out the game trailer though , can’t say i was moved to buy .

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