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News: Assault Gunners Announced

Posted on : 20-06-2012 | By : | In : News, Videos



Famitsu has the scoop on Assault Gunners, a new PSN download mecha game for the Vita out at the end of June. Like the other download only games for the Vita, the price tag is a similarly reasonable 1,480 yen. For that you get a 30 mission story mode, a Horde mode clone called “Inferno” and 4 player ad-hoc multiplayer. There’s also a load of customisation available too. All that aside, the game looks to be pretty damn solid indeed. We’ve been craving for some good mecha games on the Vita for a while and now a whole bunch arrive at once. Developed by Marvellous AQL, it’s directed by Kazuyuki Ogawa (of Clock Tower fame) and produced by Shinji Motoki (who recently worked on the pretty awesome Muramasa game on the Wii). Anyway, a demo is out for the game today and we’ll be buying as well as giving the game a good once over on its release on June 28th.




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Looks like it has an ARMORED CORE flavor, but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

It looks like it has strong graphics and a fast-paced gameplay, and certainly will be worth a look.

This is originally a game for Android phones called ” Destroy Gunners ” more polygon’s and effects aside, it looks just as bland to me as the android version.

Mostly in Destroy Gunners you’re fighting generic enemy mecha that you’re beings warmed with (see 0:30 second mark) with mini-bosses being faster actual mobile suits like yours, and some large bosses here and there. But for most part .. it’s pretty boring hold down the fire button, strafe left/right madly and wipe everything out. Mostly mission objectives are destroy X number of things or reach the end level boss and kill it.

Now offcourse with the Vita hardware they could do a bit more but graphics update aside, not really much done in that gameplay department.

A shame really, the Vita has such nice hardware but hardly anything worthy comes out, and sadly allot of Japanese developers don’t seem to be taking risks with developing for the Vita and still churn out PSP games.

I mean imagine a Border break port on the Vita, with both front and back touch – you can make a rather interesting control scheme to mimic the arcade’s touch sensitive controls. Now that would get my blood pumping.

Yeah, it’s by the same dev (Shade – Though I think this is a LOT better, as the virtual pad setup was crap and the touchscreen setup on Assault Gunners is much nicer. For the money it’s a nice little game I think.

Would love a portable Border Break though. That would be amazing.

Agreed. Border Break should spread out like wildfire to other consoles, not trapped in an arcade box with bacteria-infested mouse controllers.

As for Assault Gunners / SP Gunners, good job for an Armored Core beater.

When’s Armored Core V coming to Vita?

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