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News: Armored Core Verdict Day Fourth Livestream Announced

Posted on : 04-07-2013 | By : | In : News

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The third livestream for Armored Core Verdict Day will be happening on the 12th July (you’ll be able to watch it here). The previous livestream is also online here if you want to watch it. This livestream appears to be more focused on the singleplayer story side of things, which is meant to be far more substantial over the previous game. It will also be nice to hear those lovely people at From Software talking about a mecha game without having an identity crisis.


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Haha, the stream is on the same day Pacific Rim’s premiere. COINCIDENCE? Probably but I’m gonna make it seem like the two are connected to help build a “Mecha Appreciation Month” :p

US release date has been confirmed as Sept. 24, so we’re actually getting it two days before Japan. Is that a first for an Armored Core game?

Did I just see some sort of VOB system on the video?

“…talking about a mecha game without having an identity crisis.”

no couch co-op? no buy.

X1 – Begging for a lawsuit?

save the violin for the devs who are gonna whine that nobody buys their 56th AC game when they post another shitty sales report. ain’t me gonna be crying when I’ve got a million other games to play.

That’s funny, I seem to remember ACV being fairly successful. Guess you can just go play the older games that had local coop.

Oh wait, none of them did! Oh well.

ACV was successful in Japan. It was a total flop everywhere else, which I would attribute equally to Westerners’ general apathy towards the series and Bamco’s atrocious handling of the online component overseas. I was really surprised when they announced Verdict Day for US/EU; don’t know what they’re thinking from a business perspective.

ACV was the first in the series to not sell more in the US than in Japan. Though it is still one of the best selling games in the series. As for co-op, don’t talk to/blame the devs – publishing make that call (much like with server regioning).

Armored Core: Another Age had local co-op. Not arguing your point, because I agree with you, but you are wrong on that one 😉

It wasn’t that bad. Also, I didn’t know that original AC was from a fansite, I thought it was one of those terrible flash games.

damnit, can’t edit comment, but what’s the name of this AC?

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