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News: Armored Core V Demo Issues

Posted on : 22-01-2012 | By : | In : News, Videos

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It’s sad to to report that since the release of Armored Core V’s demo, it has been plagued with problems. The most egregious of which is the inability to play the game online for the most part, something the demo was meant to offer (for a small time admittedly). To make matters more unfortunate, the game has trouble even running at 30 fps (with the PS3 version erring closer to 20 fps). Even with these faults it’s better than the likes of Front Mission Evolved, which is a pretty recent and relevant comparison (especially on the scale of the mecha). From what we’ve played though ACV is a lot of fun, with it handling a lot like a more deliberate Metal Wolf Chaos. The removal of the traditional weapon setup in favour of storing the weapons on the shoulders is an interesting development too, as you have to plan weapon switches ahead as the animation is quite long. In any case, a comparison video of the two demos (showing their respective framerates) is embedded below.




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Its not that bad honestly. And i am able to play Online all the time…I dont even know how to read japanese and i can still get into matches…i dont know how to defend all i can do is assault it seems like but people join my i gues “match” and then we attack the sunken base vs 4 other players.

When you first select the mission there is a little window telling you wether you will assault or be defending. I never saw any defending ones
Same here for not having any problems getting online. I was able to join pick up groups and start some of my own. I never made it out of the first couple missions through -so maybe I didn’t make it to the areas with the bad frame rate issues.
Looking forward to the game coming out next week.

Can’t get it to connect at all.
It’ll prompt me to choose “OK” or “Cancel”.

I think the multiplayer demo is over now, just single player is accessible.

What worries me isn’t visible in that video; what worries me is what happens when there’s more happening on the screen. From Software’s Dark Souls had a good framerate on the Xbox 360, but the Blighttown area pre-patch was unforgivable. There is no excuse for a professional release to have been running like that.

If the PS3 is struggling to maintain 20 FPS in an early stage with small amounts of enemies, what happens when there are eight ACs on the field all firing missiles?

Honestly I never noticed the FPS while i was playing…maybe because of the jerky motion of the gameplay…But in a 4v4 it was the same pretty much as what it shows in the video

I just tried it out, and I have to say I’m impressed with the gameplay this time around. Mind you, it took me a while to get a handle on the controls, and I still don’t exactly know how to switch weapons, but it’s still quite nice.

I like how important the buildings are not just in cover, but for mobility with how you bound off of the walls like some kind of robot ninja. I’m gonna need a lot of practice before the official release here in the states.

Hold triangle while pressing the respective weapon’s fire button.

I am really dissapointed. I have been avoiding many games that don’t perform well, or don’t run at 60fps. For instance I own Dynasty Warriors 6 + Empires, but I don’t own Dynasty Warriors 7 + Xtreme Legends because they do not maintain 60fps.

The hardware is powerfull enough on modern hardware to the point where these types of compensations are no longer needed. I don’t want to put up with it, so I don’t buy the games.

The irony is, developers increase the detail in the game, at a cost of framerate. However you can’t appreciate that added detail in motion because of the frame drops.

So I guess I will stick with playing some good old Silent Line or Last Raven on PS2.

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