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Videos: MechWarrior Online’s New Mind-Melting Teaser Trailer

Posted on : 02-03-2012 | By : | In : Videos



Not only is MechWarrior Online still in development, the latest teaser trailer contains a weapons-grade payload of multiple fangasms. I won’t spoil it, but if you’ve been a fan of the MechWarrior series for a while now, you’ll be instantly having flashbacks of hitting Group Fire and preemptively mashing down the Reactor Shutdown Manual Override button. It’s been a long time, but it feels like we never even left the cockpit.

The newly mecha-curious among you will be pleased to know that it’s not all Old Guard fanservice. If the actual game looks half as good as this cinematic, this is quite possibly going to be the most beautiful free-to-play game out there. And it’s not just pixel counts on textures, either–the attention to detail on the DropShip’s prepping of the ‘Mech while it undergoes its startup sequence shows that someone truly cared. That Atlas isn’t unceremoniously dumped from a polygonal hanger bay, it’s got a proper launch sequence  that can set a man’s soul aflame. The Atlas itself is redefined with the sillier elements cut out, striking an imposing figure as the Inner Sphere’s personification of death. Someone has done their homework; this could very well be a product that can compete directly with the mecha output of Japan.

The game is still slated for this summer, and if you’ve been following along at home with the amazing curiosity that is the official MechWarrior Twitter account, you might have a good idea why. Due to MechWarrior’s origins as the tabletop RPG BattleTech, the universe has an amazing amount of definition that makes even the venerable Mobile Suit Gundam saga jealous, and the Twitter account has been reporting on events in that universe in real time. This August will be the BattleTech universe’s August of 3049, a pivotal moment in BattleTech history where the shit hits the proverbial heatsink. If you’re new to the series, don’t look it up; i’s much better to experience the terror firsthand. But if you find yourself in the Free Rasalhague Republic when the game opens, run.


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Comments (4)

From Paul Inouye of PGI:

1) Yes, it’s all in-game assets.
2) Yes, that is the actual HUD for the Atlas
3) Yes, it’s a “low altitude drop”
4) Yes, that is a Hunchback in the background.
5) Yes, that is a Jenner in the background.
6) No, this is not a pre-rendered video with post effects. It is all in-game engine, the same engine driving the game.
7) Yes, we know that the term was “nominal” but unfortunately couldn’t source the term for audio.
8) We are sorry, we didn’t realize you guys wanted to look at a naked dude in a vest.
9) You guys have no clue how close to gameplay you’re actually watching
10) No, you can’t have the music.


From Bryan Ekman of PGI:

1 – Is Heading and a secondary torso twitst indicator (triangle). Objectives, enemies, and friendlies slide across here as well.
2 – weapon group status (1-6)
7 – is the mini-map.

Since spoilers are very abused thanks to Paul. Warning this is a real spoiler.
There are two reticules – arms and torso.


It’s been way too long since I played the RPG, and I actually missed most of the video games. I have always loved the very technical feel of the Mechs in the franchise. Range, Heat, Ammunition, Limb Damage, Weapon Mounts, all stuff that seems to have transitioned fantastically from a tabletop wargame to a tabletop RPG, and then into multiple PC and Console games.

On another aesthetic note, I’ve always liked how the Atlas was one of the rare few mechs that looked very human.

Actually, human-esque ‘mechs are so common in MechWarrior, that in his interview, FlyingDebris commented that they really have to make sure to do some serious redesigning so that ‘mech silhouettes are distinct at a distance.

“Someone has done their homework; this could very well be a product that can compete directly with the mecha output of Japan.”

Are you kidding me? I must admit to being a reactionary OCD robot gaming enthusiast, but I did my research

Mechwarrior games are terrible in terms of mechanics. I’ve been playing these games for almost two decades and I can’t believe what the developers are saying about the gameplay for the new. They’re keeping torso twisting separate? Why? They were even having problems reconciling guided missiles against robots with no agility. These are not “hardcore simulators,” these are games about walking damage sponges trying to avoid precision flashlight guns. That might have been ok back in 1995 but in 2012, there’s nothing engaging about that anymore.

I’m almost somewhat incensed by their blatant nostalgia grab using MW2 sound clips.

I just can’t let people neglect the elephant in the room but Mechwarrior (like Battletech) hasn’t really changed since 1989. We’ve grown up. Gameplay mechanics, UI optimization, and everything in between has changed so much since then.

Even games from both the West and Japan that were contemporary to Mechwarrior fixed nearly every problem the series ever had. I would seriously argue that the Sega Saturn Gungriffon are much better Mechwarrior games than anything licensed by FASA.

I understand the importance of keeping an intellectual property alive but sometimes you have to realize when your model for success no longer resonates with a wide audience.

I love the property, I just hate the way people talk about it.

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