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Videos: Gundam Extreme Versus Location Test Footage

Posted on : 08-05-2010 | By : | In : Videos

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As we previously reported, a location test for Gundam Extreme Versus is currently underway in two Japanese arcades this weekend. Naturally, a bunch of videos have sprouted up online to cover this. Despite looking very shiny, it’s clear that the team behind the games hasn’t dropped the ball in a functional sense. In that, those that have enjoyed the recent delights of Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus will see that much of the core combat is remarkably familiar.

As for the hardware itself, as we’ve said before the System 357 board that’s being used for the game is basically a PS3 in a box. In many ways, this appraisal is actually quite literal as this video shows the PS3’s XMB in action prior to the game booting up. Put simply, a PS3 port is a clear given at some point in the semi-near future.

The line-up of suits in the videos is suitably varied too, from the lovely V2 Gundam and its Assault Buster variant (which recently received an excellent Robot Damashii toy), to the new Crossbone Gundam units and finally the 00 Gundam. The latter has sensibly separated out the 00 Raiser setup, as it was hugely uber on the recent PSP iteration. In any case, enjoy the videos below.







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Looks fantastic. I’d best start pinching pennies now for the eventual port.

I wonder why no one has commented on this. This game is a wonderful new step for the Vs. Series and I wouldn’t doubt it if Bandai tries to export it to America if it gets enough cash from the release in japan.
The graphics are stunning, the framerate (I assume) is flawless, and the lineup seems to be promising so far.

Do my eyes decieve me, or do I see a LaGowe in the unit list in video 3? If so, there is going to be a friend of mine that is absolutely ecstatic about that possibility. Interestingly, they are naming the “gundam” units from Seed as gundams, despite never officially being called such, so that last unit is NOT a gundam.

Also, what is that second unit from Igloo? Could it be the Guntank thing from Igloo 2?

In any case, the designers made some nice choices with the units that are easy to figure out. Though the apparent lack of original Wing units is strange.

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